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Feedback on the above article:

Tommy W (20/04/2012 15:23)

Norwich City Council should be utterly ashamed of themselves,why have they gone to the extreme, why not ask them to remove the leaflet and tell them to not to put such material there in the future?

Islam is like a cancer which will infiltrate a government and filter down and affect every area of the social community, for example take Egypt and their so called democracy, the Muslim brotherhood is taking over the Country, and if you profess any other faith apart from Islam you’re basically condemned to death.

This is meant to be a Christian country with Christian values, yet we have all become nominal and lukewarm! Are we really Disciples of Christ and boldly declare Him as the only way to God the Father or are we all just playing at Church?

Islamic Sharia law is widely used throughout the UK in various Muslim communities and its coming your way soon…


“Islamophobia": The fear of speaking out against the rapidly growing religion/ideology that is out to repress all who do not follow its doctrine.


Muslims want a Jihad a holy war and will exterminate anyone that gets in their way…

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dt4JozAHpN4Keith Morris (22/04/2012 16:21) I hope that your "comments" section on the Reformed Church "story is jammed packed with Christians of all shades and sizes, protesting over this PC decision taken to harass the Church in our "fine" City, because of ONE complaint. I'd better leave off now while I haven't said too much, or I maybe getting a knock on my door and taken away, never to be seen again. What on earth are we coming to in this country?
By John Lind

Keith Morris (22/04/2012 16:27)

I think it is very unreasonable of Norwich City Council to respond in this way to one complaint, especially as the police have confirmed that no crime was committed. I would not have been surprised, or offended to see "Why not Christianity" on the stall of another faith. I am not offended during election time when I am bombarded with leaflets through my door and articles and interviews that suggest "Why not Labour" or "Why not Conservative", I expect it, whether I like it or not. Couldn't that also be described as "Hate motivated"?

Aren't we allowed to have different opinions and air them any more? I know that some of my closest work colleagues have been of different faiths, but we have had a high regard for each other because we all have high moral values. I doubt if the person that complained was a Muslim. But regardless of whether they were or not, it is a very harsh and unreasonable response by the Council. Where is freedom of speech? Are we no longer permitted to have an opinion or to air it?
By Susan Harvey, Norwich

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