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Norwich family baptism celebrates changed lives

Jodie baptism2Three people from the same family were baptised at a Norwich church last month and gave a moving testimony of how Jesus has turned their lives around.

16 October 2011 was a day to remember in the life of St Andrew’s Church, Eaton and particularly their ‘Messy Church’ congregation that has been running since September 2010.
One of the Messy Church founder members Jodie Baker was baptised along with her two sons Rio (9) and Owen (7 mths) at the morning service. They were supported by Stuart, Jodie’s partner, as well as family and friends.
Both Jodie and Rio chose their favourite songs from ‘Messy Church’: ‘All My Days’ which was led by Claire Mead and ‘Our God is a good God with Rio helping lead the congregation with the actions.
Jodie also wrote the most moving testimony which was read out by the Vicar Phil Rodd:
“I love Jesus in so many ways and I would like to share my feelings with you all here today on this special occasion. Jesus has always been my inspiration, and I thank him daily for leading me into a better life. Before I became in touch with Jesus my life was in complete turmoil. I felt I had no one to turn to and then one day it just hit me. Jesus Christ can hopefully answer my prayers. My life was heading down a rough rocky road and I was slipping and could not get back up. I poured my heart out to Jesus and he came to my aid straight away. Ever since he has always been guiding me into the right path.
Jodie baptism1At the time I was in an abusive relationship and it seemed I had no way out. Jesus told me I need not suffer any more, he gave me the inner strength to walk away to start a fresh new life. I am thankful to him that I met my partner Stuart and he gave us the gift that we thought would never be possible and that is our son Owen. I’m thankful from my previous relationship that Jesus blessed me with my son Rio. I would like to thank Jesus for teaching me to love my family, my friends and everyone in St Andrew’s Church.
I would like to thank Jesus for healing my mother from breast cancer and keeping the family strong together.
I would like to thank Jesus for ‘Messy Church’. It’s a place where we can sing, be creative and colourful. I believe I have learnt so much of the Bible through creative play. Last time I went I saw Rio with his trouser leg half way up his calf, dipping his feet in bright purple paint. We all attend as it’s fun – we celebrate Jesus and eat a wonderful feast. Though that isn’t so great for the mums’ and dads’ waist lines! 
I feel ‘Messy Church’ is my second little family and how warmly welcomed I feel and how blessed I feel by everyone that attends there. I feel this is where I can pay respect to Jesus Christ and worship him. I would like to thank Jesus for blessing the people in ‘Messy Church’ and for making it such a success. The love of Jesus Christ has changed me and it’s changed me for the good - I'll never be the same again!”
This testimony encouraged many members of the congregation who heard it.

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