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E Anglia barn is centre of worldwide prayer hub

JulieAnderson4202012: A barn in Mellis on the Suffolk and Norfolk border is becoming a dynamic worldwide prayer hub headquarters for women through The Deborah Company UK. Sandie Shirley reports.

Week day and evening prayer meetings and special, strategic days are encouraging women to battle in prayer for their families, children and country with fresh spiritual perspective and renewal.
With modern technology – through Skype - alliances across the nations are also being formed as a powerhouse of praying women come together through Ostler’s Barn to hear God’s heart beat and pray with revelation explains Julie Anderson (pictured above).
Julie set-up The Deborah Company - a growing band of empowered women - in the UK seven years ago, after a powerful supernatural mandate from God. Julie was with her American friend, prophetess and intercessor, Cindy Jacobs, in a hotel room in Barcelona, in 1999, just after Cindy received a visitation from the Angel Gabriel.  It involved a vision of the two women on horseback riding across nations pursued by a mighty army of thousands of women following Christ. 
Says Julie: “I was awakened about 3am to find Cindy sitting cross-legged on her bed next to me looking startled but quite angelic. Her face was softened and gentle, and the room was filled with the most amazing sense of God’s spirit. Cindy in a hushed voice explained it, saying: ‘Gabriel was here.’
“She was visibly moved as she detailed what she had seen and heard. It was then I realised an answer had come to bring me victorious strategy and it was for more nations than the USA and UK,” says Julie, who has since seen women from every continent released afresh through empowered prayer.
Julie, who was born in Norwich, regularly returns to the barn at Thrandeston Road from her London home for the all-important prayer schedules.  To date she has seen God muster a new breed of women with a soldier’s strength and mother’s heart.  They come from all walks of life including politics, art, technology, medicine, media and education and are strategic in influencing the Kingdom of God here and now.
It’s ironic that God should choose Mellis, in Suffolk, as part of the headquarters (with London and Leicester) she reasons. Centuries ago, Mother Julian from Norwich was recognised for her divine revelations (“All will be well. All manner of things with be well”) while Boadicea was stationed here as the warring Queen of the Iceni tribe who led the revolt against occupying Roman forces.
Julie’s work began in England in 1985 with husband Rod through prayer schools, biblical training schools and strategic gatherings. With the passage of time, she preached on the Biblical character, Deborah, and knew the importance of Psalm 68:11 (The Lord gives the Word. And the women who tell the Good News are many) in preparation for her founding role. 
The first UK ‘Deborah’ meeting was scheduled for July 7, 2005 in London but plans were disrupted by the terrorist bombings that day. Eighty women attended instead of 180 since transport and communications were hampered by immediate police safeguards. Undaunted the meeting went ahead and a spirit of intercession was birthed in London as the first UK ‘Deborahs’ prayed for peace, calm and order.
“Deborah (in the Bible) must have been an incredible woman of faith in her day. She knew God’s timing and nature to deliver His people from oppression and received God’s wisdom and strategy to bring victory to her nation. I want to make a difference and I find myself joined with other like-minded women who care about the nation, the future, what picture and legacy we leave our children and what happens to the next generation,” says Julie who is busy organising the next Deborah Company event in London on October 29
For more information contact:
The next Skype call is at 8pm on September 10, details on followed by October 8, November 12 and December 10 at the same time.

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