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Africa move for Norwich Christian musicians 

Zac and Hannah recording 399Zachary and Hannah Wells have given up their jobs and are moving from Norwich to Mozambique before moving on, hopefully, to Latin America. They have released an album to celebrate their experiences while they have been living in Norfolk. Tony Rothe reports.

The album is called ‘As for me and my house' and is a musical record of the couple’s journey with God in the past few years. It marks a landmark in their lives, as they are now moving out of Norwich and heading to the Iris Global Harvest School in Mozambique during October, with the desire to eventually go and work with street kids in Nicaragua.
Zac explains “My dad passed away a couple of years ago, and I wrote a couple of songs which really come out of a place of realising that no matter what, God is faithful and always the same. In this time Hannah and I were growing in our faith, and God was revealing more of the plans he has for our lives.

Hannah wrote a couple of songs: 'All things are possible' and 'Dwelling place', which come out of a greater understanding of who God is in his sovereignty and at the same time his desire for a relationship with his children.

The last song, 'We are the family of God', was written after a Christian worship weekend called David’s Tent, and came out of a place of realising how important community is in our walk with Christ.

zach-hannah-album 388God inspired us to write these songs and we felt that, rather like the parable of the talents, God wanted us to invest the gifts he had given us and not just bury them in the ground. We collected these songs together into an album which, with the help of some gifted friends, we were able to record in a day and a half! We released the album on the July 5, around the same time that we learned that we had been accepted into the Iris Global Harvest School.”
The album is available to download from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify.

Copies are also available on disc by e-mailing:

To read more about Zac and Hannah’s journey, visit
Hannah concludes : “After the Harvest School we are not really sure what going to happen, but we know that God does! We’re lovers of Jesus, taking a step of obedience and laying our lives down before Him.”

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