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Pentecost unity and witness walk in Yarmouth

pentecost 2015 008On Pentecost Sunday, May 24, around 100 Christians from churches across the borough of Great Yarmouth celebrated the birthday of the Christian Church at Pentecost, the day when the Holy Spirit came with a rushing wind and with fire to fall upon the early disciples of Jesus Christ. Judith Edmonds reports.

Two groups, one from the Yarmouth side, and one from the Gorleston side, walked with banners and praise towards the Haven Bridge in the persistent rain, but were not daunted or swayed from their purpose of celebrating the birth of the Christian church

With the banners flying in the bastions, the two groups spanned the bridge coming together in a symbolic act of unity in worship and praise, and in prayer and blessing for the two towns and several villages which make up this borough of Great Yarmouth. 

Lieutenant Ben Selfe, from the Salvation Army, and Rev Dan Waite, from St Andrew’s Church, Gorleston greeted with the following words:

Proclamation: We proclaim that Jesus is Lord over His church, and that it belongs to Him 

Reading of John 17:23: Jesus said “May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that You sent Me and have loved them even as You have loved Me”

pentecost 2015 012 Declaration: We declare that the cross of Christ, which joins us together, is far greater that any differences that separate us.  We declare that we will fulfil Jesus’ high priestly prayer for us to be one, as He is one with His Father, so the world will know that the Father sent Jesus

Blessing: We bless the church with the spirit of unity to flow through it.  We bless the church to love all the different facets and to respect our differences, to treasure the variety of expressions, and to value and prefer one another.  We bless the church to work together as the body of Christ for the good of the Kingdom and to serve one another

The chain of people then united together as a congregation to worship God on the quayside with songs and encouragements from the Bible read by Ricardo Remedio, of Emmanuel Pentecostal Church, Great Yarmouth, and Derek Gidney of Green Pastures Christian Fellowship in Winterton.  

Rev Betty Trinder gave a very encouraging and entertaining talk, followed by the well-known Lord’s Prayer being used as a basis for speaking out blessings on our local community. 

John Kinchin-Smith, St Andrew’s Church in Gorleston, closed the event by encouraging us to read Deuteronomy 28 and to use that to give a daily blessing to our local communities and gave the concluding blessing
The walkers were encouraged all along the way by other pedestrians smiling and accepting tracts, whilst passing motorists were sounding their horns and waving.

Reproduced from the Network Yarmouth web site. Used with permission.

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