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Orchard with CompanionsCF

Over 100 people came to the launch of the The Orchard Café, run by the community of Emmaus Ditchingham, who aims to rebuild lives of people with experience of homelessness.

The community of Emmaus Ditchingham want to thank everyone who came along to the launch of their café on August 29th.  More than 100 people came on the day with 35 people submitting entries for the naming completion.  Joan received more than 35 entries with some fantastic suggestions including a ‘Slice of Life’, ‘Travellers Rest’ and ‘Companions' Café’.  The winning entry came from Pamela Smith with “The Orchard Café”. 

Cathy Hembry, General Manager, said “The Orchard Café” clearly says something about the wonderful grounds our shop and café are in.  Next summer the café will be selling hampers so that customers can enjoy picnic lunches under the trees.

Emmaus will be entering orchard produce into their Harvest Bring and Brag Competition on September 26th.  Everyone’s invited to bring along the cream of their crops with judging taking place at 2.00pm and prizes for the best fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Brian EmmausCFSaturday 26th will also mark the last in the year of the ever popular 10p garage sales.  The last Saturday of the month furniture sales continue with large discounts on bargain furniture.  Turn up early to beat the crowds, drop off competition entries and go back later for coffee and cake!

For additional information on the charity, telephone: 01986 895444 or visit

Pictured top is the Emmaus Norwich community in the orchard
Pictured below is Brian, a companion at Emmaus Norwich, with the crop of Medlars from last year.


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