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Sheringham girls sing in virtual children’s choir

Two children from Sheringham have taken part in “The Blessing – Kids” sung by a virtual choir of children from all over the UK. Tony Rothe reports.

The original song "The Blessing" was written by Chris Brown, Cody Carnes, Kari Jobe and Steven Furtick and performed in the USA. This was soon followed by a UK version, where singers from 65 churches across Britain contributed on-line from their homes during lockdown, and the song was professionally "stiched together" to create the finished rendition.

The Allstars Kids Club in the UK then seized upon the opportunity to perform the same song using contributions from hundreds of children all over the country, and even some from overseas.
Sheringham mum Vicki Harrison, part of the town’s Lighthouse Community Church, heard about the venture and applied for two of her children, Immi and Bella, to take part. They were amongst only a handful from Norfolk.  
kids blessing large 750Vicki said “The girls listened to the backing music on a tablet through headphones and I recorded them on my iphone so no special equipment was required. It was a very simple process but we had no idea if they would use the clip or not. I am not aware of any other local children taking part.
“Immi has been singing with our church band for about a year and Bella has been in the school choir since she was a toddler. They both love to sing and when I saw the advert for children singers they jumped at the opportunity.”
The song was released on You Tube on Sunday May 10, and has been well received nationally.
Immi said “it was a really good to do our bit to help and encourage other people”
Bella said “It was a really fun music session - we didn’t even need any special equipment”
To watch and listen to the finished song, click here.

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Tony Rothe, 15/05/2020

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