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Gresham's soul space chapel 75
Space for the soul at Holt school

Students at Gresham’s School in Holt have been exploring spirituality, prayer and life’s biggest questions with their very own interactive ‘Soul Space’ in the school chapel.

The historic interior of the chapel was transformed with stunning and immersive light and sound. The space was also filled with creative, tactile ‘stations’ which gave the students an opportunity to develop skills of personal reflection and spirituality in a fun, open, safe and inclusive way.
Gresham's soul space window 50In addition to assembly and lesson time, the Prayer Space was also open to all staff and students every evening. The initiative has proved to be extremely popular with hundreds of students choosing to take part.
One year 9 student said:
“The Chapel looks incredible. The space feels so different. It is so relaxing.”
A year 11 student commented:
“I was having such a bad day, but this has changed everything.”
A year 11 student told staff:
“I was feeling really anxious today about assessments, but this has really helped.”
A Sixth Form student said:
“This was so good. It is so useful to have a place to think and reflect.”
Revd Jack Branford, School Chaplain said:
“It has been a brilliant week. The students have been relating to the chapel in a very different way. They think this is ‘cool’ which obviously helps, but there has also been a genuine sense of wonder and thoughtful contemplation from everyone who has walked through the door.
Gresham's soul space notes 750‘I think it’s shown that many young people are innately curious about the biggest questions in life. Many young people are interested in spirituality and have a sense that there might be more to life than meets the eye. The wonderful thing about the Prayer Spaces in Schools initiative is that it enables young people to explore these ideas and experiences in a completely open and non-threatening way. A rare space for the soul in a young person’s life.”

The pictures are courtesy of Jack Branford


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