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Release of debut novel by Norfolk Christian

RoyMclartyThis week Dr Roy Mclarty, a Professor at Norwich Business School and a member of Norwich Central Baptist Church, is celebrating the release of his debut novel, a thriller called "Snake in the City"

Snake in the City is the debut novel by Dr Roy Mclarty, released in paperback on Wednesday, October 31st.  

Roy, who lives in Hingham, is an active member of Norwich Central Baptist Church, where he announced the launch of his book in the weekly time of celebrations on Sunday.  

In this novel he has attempted to avoid the salacious and gratuitous use of bad language and expletives, so frequently found in many modern novels.
Roy lectures part time in entrepreneurship at Norwich Business School.  He is an Emeritus Professor of Boston University and has a Visiting Professorship to Prague Economics University in the Czech Republic

His debut novel, published by Austin & Macauley, is a gripping thriller about Ron Miles, an Invesment Manager, who makes a fortune in the city through dishonest means and, through his mistakes, makes an enemy in an austere and dangerous criminal, The Snake.  Time and again their paths cross with repercussions that almost bring Ron’s career, as well as his life, to a standstill.

Roy Mclarty said: “I believe it offers an original look at certain aspects of the City and it’s not all that far-fetched. For sure Ron Miles’ illicit fund isn’t the only one. I hope Snake in the City grips the attention and tells an honest tale.”

Roy has already started working on his next novel.  He said: “I have other books inside me. My next one is about politics and it is in a different vein though it’s also told in the first person.”

Roy’s new novel, Snake in the City can be ordered from Amazon. 

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