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Norwich's Eddie reaches top of his Everest

Norwich man Eddie Pleban, has climbed his own ‘Everest’ less than two years after being given just 48 hours to live by doctors after suffering a stroke during a flight home from Australia, which left him with locked-in syndrome. Keith Morris reports.

EddiePlebanMamTor450Former YMCA Norfolk Housing Services Manager Eddie climbed the 517m Mam Tor in the Derbyshire Peak District on Saturday June 1 to mark his 64th birthday and his remarkable recovery from the debilitating stroke which left him paralysed below the neck and unable to breathe for himself, swallow or talk for several months.
With the help of family, friends and devoted wife Jeannie, Eddie climbed the final distance from a car park to the top of Mam Tor, taking three hours to do so.
“Eddie calls it his ‘Everest’,” explained Jeannie, “and will raise funds for Different Strokes a national organisation which helps and supports working age stroke survivors. Eddie and our daughter Louise help to run a local group in Norwich.”
Daughter, Louise Hamilton, said: “Eddie used to go walking in Edale in the Peak District a lot. It was in his dreams, whilst paralysed in hospital, that he would one day walk those hills again so this was a huge event for him.

EddiePlebanMamTor376Eddie, who is inspired by his strong Christian faith said: “I wanted to show the world that there is life after a stroke. I hope I can inspire other people who are just beginning their recovery. I surprised myself – I never thought I would see that view again. I feel like I have been given a second chance in life.”

To support Eddie’s mammoth effort in aid of the Different Strokes support group, which has already raised over £600, visit his fundraising page at

Pictured above is Eddie Pleban climbing Mam Tor and with family and friends at the summit.

Article printed from at 18:32 on 07 August 2020