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Norfolk Mothers’ Union fundraises for Sudan

MothersUnionNorwichWith fundraising efforts across the county, members of the Mothers’ Union Norwich Diocese are contributing to a grant of £25,000 to aid the humanitarian response to thousands of displaced people in South Sudan.

Norfolk members of the Mothers’ Union are contributing to a worldwide relief fund of £25,000 given to bring food and medical aid to displaced families fleeing conflict in South Sudan.
The Mothers’ Union’s Relief Fund Committee recently sent the grant of £25,000 to aid the humanitarian response of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan.
Eunice Norwood of the Mothers’ Union in the Norwich Diocese said: “Mothers’ Union members in Norfolk are very conscious of the needs of people in the African continent, be it Sudan, Nigeria or Sierra Leone, and regularly raise funds for the ‘Relief Fund’ administrated by the Worldwide Mothers’ Union. The fund is for emergency support following earthquakes, tsunamis and where there is desperate need. 
“In any one month, somewhere in the diocese a branch will be fundraising for the relief work of the Worldwide Mothers’ Union or for the work of this diocese.

"A good example is the Goats Lunch to be held on Tuesday March 11 in Fakenham Parish Church. The lunch will run from 12 noon until 2pm serving soup and bread, goat butter and goat cheese platters. This is an annual event usually raising funds for one of our other projects but this year they feel it is important to support the Relief Fund and help the people of Sudan”
In January three Winter Lunches were held by the Walsingham branch of the Mothers’ Union in North Norwich raising £260 for the Relief Fund.
Over the next few weeks the Sudan Development and Relief Agency (SUDRA), the Episcopal Church of Sudan’s relief and development arm, aim to help 83,000 displaced people who have fled the conflict within South Sudan using the funding.  The Mothers’ Union will also be raising funds throughout 2014 to support the restoration that will be needed post-conflict.
The Mothers’ Union Norwich Diocese, with over 1000 members across Norfolk and North Suffolk, welcomes news of the relief funding for South Sudan and has contributed to the general relief fund from which it was given.  This is seen as the unique role of the Mothers’ Union - members reaching out to members around the world.

Article printed from at 02:07 on 23 February 2020