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Norwich vicar to lead multi-faith church in USA 

VeseysAspen450Well-known Norwich vicar Rev Nicholas Vesey is set to leave St Luke’s church to take up the role as Spiritual Leader  of a church in Aspen in the Colorado mountains of central USA. Keith Morris reports.

Nicholas, with wife Heather and children Samuel (aged 10) and Jessica (8), is planning to make the move this summer after 13 years leading St Luke’s, St Augustine’s and launching the Norwich Christian Meditation Centre in the city.
Nicholas will take up the role as an Episcopal Chaplain and be licensed by the Episcopal Bishop of Colorado to the multi-faith Aspen Chapel, 7,000ft up in the mountainous area of Colorado well know for its skiing and outdoor pursuits.  The Episcopal Church in the US branch of the Anglican Church.
The Aspen area is also the home of centering prayer author Cynthia Bourgeault’s Wisdom School, whom Nicholas has previously brought to Norwich, and the contemplative Fr Tom Keating at the Benedictine Snowmass Monastery.
Nicholas said: “The aim of Aspen Chapel is to transcend traditional religion. The venue also hosts a Jewish congregation. It is a place where people can develop their spiritual life, whatever faith they come from.”
According to its website, the interfaith Chapel emphasizes an open and progressive theology, while respecting tradition and liturgy, it aims to redefine spiritual truths and values.
“As a family we are really excited by the prospect,” said Nicholas. “At the same time we are incredibly sad to be leaving Norwich after 13 years which were the happiest times of my life. It is a big move but one which we believe to be right for us as a family. When you get that nudge from God you just have to go.
“I had a Skype interview and the whole family was then flown over and I was asked to preach, and lead workshops, as well as being interviewed.,” he said.
“I will be carrying on with much of the same sort of work done here in Norwich at the Christian Meditation Centre and the Developing Consciousness course.”
During his time in Norwich, Nicholas has had a big impact on the city and its Christian community, helping to relaunch Greater Norwich Churches Together as Transforming Norwich with John Betts, developing St Luke’s and St Augustine’s and launching the Norwich Christian Meditation Centre and The Christ Consciousness Community (C3). The various congregations at St Luke’s and St Augustine’s now number around 110 adults and the Norwich Christian Meditation Centre has over 1,600 members and has hosted, among others, Richard Rohr, James Finley and Martin Laird.
He has also been a big supporter of the Network Norfolk website and a council of reference member since its launch. Nicholas was also a driving force behind a major survey of Christian social action in the city in 2007 and a subsequent dialogue with the City Council.
Nicholas has also found time to write his book “Developing Consciousness - A Roadmap of the Journey to Enlightenment” and is well-known for the humorous bill posters outside St Luke’s
Before moving to Norwich, Nicholas worked in broadcasting and advertising, including at Saatchi and Saatchi.  Following a significant experience while trekking in the Himalayas, he changed direction and embarked on a spiritual path.  For 35 years he has been involved in exploring the implications of that experience, the last 17 working as a priest in the Church of England.
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Pictured above is the Vesey family during their visit to Aspen in Colorado.

Article printed from at 11:44 on 24 September 2020