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Norfolk couple's east coast healing mission 

HealingRooms450The couple behind the Norfolk Healing Rooms are set for an East Coast road trip this summer to take their motor home and Christian healing ministry to towns and resorts from Sunderland to Lowestoft.

Rev Ray and Ruth Scorey will start their journey and prayer battle in Sunderland on July 31, ending in Lowestoft on August 29
Ray said: "Given that Healing Rooms is an international organisation, we have often wondered why there are no Healing Rooms along the East Coast of England and we suspect it's not because everyone in the East is enjoying perfect health!
“We hear tell of the Knights Templar having lined the coast with their unforgiving strongholds, of Saxon kings claiming headship over the land and pirates raiding the shores.
“For years Lydia Fellowship International has raised up battle prayer for our east coast; we know this because our Healing Rooms intercessors are linked through leadership to Lydia Fellowship Norfolk, praying for release of the land for God. And we're sure that many others have been led similarly.

“As a result, things are beginning to change. Healing Rooms have appeared in Sunderland, in conjunction with Call to Prayer and we are keen to join the dots down the rest of the coast. So, now that we have a mobile Healing Rooms unit, in the form of a motor home, we thought we'd take Healing Rooms to the East Coast over the month of August, lay some foundations, meet the people and make contact with the churches there.
“We aim to keep a blog of our adventures on our website and would value prayer support and lots of introductions and contacts, so please do get in touch with your inside knowledge by emailing Rev Ray Scorey at
Pictured above are Ray and Ruth Scorey outside their Norfolk Healing Rooms motor home at the Celebrate Norwich & Norfolk festival at the Forum in Norwich in mid June.

Article printed from at 02:45 on 12 August 2020