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Christian charity launches shoebox appeal across NorfolkShoebox Appeal

People in Norfolk are among the most generous in the country according to a Christian charity as they launch their annual shoebox appeal for families and the elderly across Eastern Europe.

Last Christmas Link to Hope distributed 34,000 shoeboxes of gifts in Eastern Europe, since 1992 the charity has provided boxes of essential items such as clothes, hats, toothpaste, hairbrushes, pens and pencils to the poorest communities in Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania and Albania.

This year with the deteriorating situation in the Ukraine and the need for shoeboxes for Syrian refugees, who have fled into Bulgaria, Link to Hope is really hoping that the people of Norfolk can help. Historically Norfolk gives more shoeboxes than any other region in the UK apart from the charity's home county, West Sussex. Link to Hope’s General Manager, Lisa Hector, comments “ People may feel that the situation in Eastern Europe is much better than before but as we can see on the news, events have not been good in this region.  We particularly want to support our projects in the Ukraine with shoeboxes this year as they are working in very difficult situations amongst many refugees and people that have had houses destroyed.  In Bulgaria our project teams want to give shoeboxes to the many Syrian refugees currently housed in schools and camps with no possessions having had to flee the fighting with nothing.  We know that our supporters in Norfolk will do all they can to help us.”

Link to Hope start collecting shoeboxes in November.  For details of local arrangements contact Clifford Watson on 01603 927886 or drop shoeboxes off at Mile Cross Methodist Church, Alysham Road, NR3 2RU.
To find out more about the work of Link to Hope, contact the office on 01903 529333 or visit

The picture was taken by Link to Hope photographer Maria Scard

Article printed from at 16:15 on 05 April 2020