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Norwich Diocese fills Carrow Road twice over 

This Christmas, hundreds of volunteers and clergy across the Diocese of Norwich will be wrapping over 8000 oranges in red ribbon and preparing for over 1000 festive services.

During December over 7,000 carols will be sung at services across the Diocese by enough church-goers to fill Carrow Road twice over.

Today, the Diocese of Norwich, which covers Norfolk and Waveney, has released a video highlighting some of the good work that is undertaken throughout the Christmas period by so many, often unseen.

From organising services to visiting those on their own this Christmas, the video emphasises some of the many things vicars, Readers, churchwardens, PCC members, youth workers and volunteers do to show the love of Christ and help spread the joy of the Christmas message. 

Communications Officer for the Diocese, Emma Craig, said: “It's astonishing when you think of the number of people and hours that are involved in our Christmas services.  We want to thank all those who give their time to help spread the Good News at Christmas, and hope that this video will help to share that Good News even further. We would encourage you to share the video on social media and by email.”

Article printed from at 00:21 on 30 May 2020