Tributes paid to Norwich preacher for 75 years

PhyllisTrowse2008: Phyllis Trowse, who has been a Methodist local preacher for 75 years in Norwich, has died at the age of 93.
“Phyllis was a greatly loved and respected member of Rosebery Road Methodist Church and was highly valued throughout the Norwich Circuit for her work as a Local Preacher,” said Ursula Franklin, senior steward at the church.
“A service led by Phyllis was always a meaningful and helpful experience, and we were privileged at Rosebery Road to celebrate with her landmarks in her long career.
“By the end of her life she had achieved 75 years as an accredited Local Preacher. To paraphrase a hymn which meant so much to her, ‘She had a gospel to proclaim’."
The funeral service for Phyllis Trowse will be held at Rosebery Road Church on Thursday, 21st February, at 11:15.
A full obituary to Phyllis can be found on the Rosebery Road website below:

Published: 12/02/2008