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Ruth Lilley has been spending more time reading God’s word each day, and has been encouraged as a result.
Regular contributor Jane Walters has been gardening, and reflecting on the need for some radical weeding!
Following the recent announcement that the coronavirus has now claimed a total of three million deaths worldwide, Philip Young reminds us that Christ’s resurrection brings us all the hope of eternal life.
Carol Holmes explains some of the blessings she has discovered during the lockdown wilderness of the last year.
As we move through Easter week, Andy Bryant reflects on the miracle of Christ’s resurrection and reminds us of the hope that it brings.
What does the future hold for us asks Dean of Norwich Cathedral, the Very Rev Jane Hedges, in her Easter reflection.
Writing in the Eastern Daily Press this Easter, the Bishop of Norwich, Graham Usher, talks of the hope of the Easter message which brings hope, joy, peace and abundant life.
All of us have been walking a long way of the cross this year, says Bishop Alan Hopes in his Easter reflection.
As she watches the house next door being re-furbished, Anna Heydon questions whether we should take the opportunity to refurbish our lives as our lifestyle starts to resume.
Regular columnist Ruth Lilley was inspired by a simple act of kindness by a child playing a game.
Jane Walters urges us to consider what imprint we will leave on the next generation.
With vaccinations providing a way to help end the Covid-19 pandemic, Rev Andy Bryant addresses those who are not so sure about having the jab and asks them to consider other people as well as themselves.
Following the appointment of the Bishop of Norwich, Graham Usher, to lead the Church of England’s Environment Programme, and in particular the areas of climate change and biodiversity loss, Philip Young explains why these matters should concern us.
As we start our journey through Lent, Suzanne Cooke urges us to take inspiration from the psalms and get closer to God through our wilderness experiences.
Andy Bryant is looking forward to an easing of Covid restrictions, but believes that the Church will face many more challenges in the coming months and years.
Andrew Frere Smith has discovered the source of true contentment.
Ruth Lilley explains that there is a better way to cope with life’s problems.
It has been said that God loves to hear His people laugh, and Jane Walters is encouraging us to find ways to bring more laughter into our lives.
We are all finding the lockdown restrictions tough, but Anna Heydon explains how we can have a positive response.
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