Mark Fairweather Tall believes that our churches should not be indulging in navel-gazing.
Robert Ashton is learning to play the piano, and finds that his increasing appreciation of music is helping his faith to develop.
Jane Clamp has been dog-walking, and reflecting on our walk through life.
John Clements has been researching the history of his church, and believes we have much to learn from the people of faith who have gone before us.
Anna Heydon is appalled by the extent of modern slavery, and shares her thoughts with us here.
Loving one another is a challenge familiar to all Christians, and Philip Young urges us all to embrace that challenge. He starts by asking us to imagine that Love is speaking to us:
Black Holes – God’s drawing pins
Following the publication of the first ever photo of what purports to be a black hole, above, Peter Gray-Read shares his thoughts with us about this mysterious phenomenon. More ...
We all need to co-exist on planet Earth
Climate change protests have been very much in the news recently, but Andy Bryant argues that there is an even more fundamental issue that needs to be addressed. More ...
Resurrection Sunday means there is hope
Ruth Lilley reminds us of the significance of Easter Sunday, and what Jesus achieved when he rose from the dead. More ...
Bishop Alan reflects on the first Easter morning
The Bishop of East Anglia, the Rt Rev Alan Hopes, reflects on two marvellous encounters on the very first Easter morning. More ...
An encounter with the risen Jesus
Jane Clamp recalls her Easter experience with God on the beach. More ...
Love you to the Moon and back
Kevin Gotts remembers the Apollo moon landings, and is reminded of the enormity of God’s love for us. More ...
The resurrection - unlikely but true
As Mark Fairweather-Tall recovers from his family’s April Fool pranks, he reflects that while the cross may be foolishness to some, the Easter story is a life-changer to those who believe. More ...
A husband’s needs in a Godly marriage
Dr Ike Nnene shares with us his views on the part a wife can play to meet her husbands needs in a successful and happy marriage. More ...
Waiting in the wilderness
As we progress through Lent, anticipating the joy of Easter Sunday, Jane Clamp reflects on those wilderness experiences we sometimes undergo. More ...
Go on-line to spread the Word of God
Robert Ashton encourages us to move with the times as we endeavour to reach out to the modern generation. More ...
Original Blessing means more than Original Sin
Should we blame Social Media for all the bad stuff?
Demonstration, Action, Revolution for what is right
Amazing love - more than just a Valentine
Taking time to reflect in a non-stop world
Why not a woman bishop for Norwich?
God cares in the silence
The joys of friendship
Winning God’s race
Happy Birthday Gladys – just don’t say her name!
James, free will, and God’s love
A Woman’s Needs in Marriage
Build bridges, not walls
Is Christmas really Good News for the poor?
Bishop’s Christmas message about light and darkness
Where will Jesus be this Christmas?
The gift of Love at Christmas
The sound of silence
God operates seasonally in our non-stop world
How should we cope with Brexit uncertainty?
Working with homeless is a privilege
Lead me from War to Peace
The rhythm of the day with God
Are we stewards of the earth or consumers?
Jesus meets us where we are
Artificial intelligence is no longer just science fiction
LET is a powerful word
Making time for church
Blessed are the Persecuted
Can you help house the homeless in Norwich?
God has control over “suddenly”
How can you support your spouse?
Can Jesus fully satisfy our human hunger?
This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!
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Black Holes – God’s drawing pins
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We all need to co-exist on planet Earth
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Evangelism: the elephant in the room?
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An encounter with the risen Jesus
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A husband’s needs in a Godly marriage
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Why not a woman bishop for Norwich?
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Go on-line to spread the Word of God
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