Jane Clamp advises us to remember God’s presence during the floods in our lives.
Suzanne Cooke reflects on the significance, relevance and importance of telling stories.
Philip Young believes that we can only resolve the crises currently facing our country and this planet if we turn back to the message of love that Jesus teaches us.
Anna Heydon tells us about a friend with a tragic past, but whose life is now filled with hope.
As the season of Harvest festivals approaches, Rev Edward Carter has been reflecting upon the importance of sharing meals in our relationships with others.
Andrew Bryant suggests that, following a week of turmoil in Parliament, our prayers are needed more urgently than our opinions.
Show love by listening without interrupting
Ruth Lilley has been reflecting on the way we listen to others, and shares her thoughts with us here. More ...
The ups and downs of a cathedral Helter Skelter
The Helter Skelter may have gone from Norwich Anglican Cathedral but the debate rages on about fairground rides, crazy golf and controversial films in places of worship. John Betts gives his view. More ...
The Pharisee in the mirror
Mark Rostron suggests that we look at our own response to Jesus’ commands before we readily condemn the Pharisees in the New Testament. More ...
Being proactive for your faith
Robert Ashton wonders whether we should be taking more action to promote our churches. More ...
Seeing it differently in Norwich Cathedral
Mark Fairweather Tall went with his family to enjoy a new experience currently in place in Norwich Cathedral, and urges us to take on the challenge to see the world differently. More ...
Blessed be the fruit
Jane Clamp has been enjoying a harvest from her soft fruit bushes, and reflects how her care of those bushes reminds her of God’s relationship with us. More ...
Connecting with God’s creation
Suzanne Cooke urges us to get closer to God’s wonderful creation as part of our walk with Jesus. More ...
Celebrating the colourful diversity of creation
Rev Patrick Jordan, Vicar of St Matthew’s Thorpe Hamlet, explains why he, along with other Christians, will be attending Norwich Pride on Saturday July 27. More ...
We need a revolution of love now
Philip Young argues that if we follow God’s command to love one another, we would stop causing so much damage to our planet. More ...
The Church must listen, and build bridges
Andrew Bryant is concerned at some of the political developments in recent years, and explains that the Church has a vital role to play in listening to the concerns and struggles of the people in our communities. More ...
Alison’s story – serving others
Noticing people the way Jesus does
7 billion people, and each one special to God
The Holy Spirit empowers us to focus outwards
The magic of musical ministry
No looking back with God
Whose faith do you follow?
“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free”
Only Love can bring us all together
Black Holes – God’s drawing pins
We all need to co-exist on planet Earth
Resurrection Sunday means there is hope
Bishop Alan reflects on the first Easter morning
An encounter with the risen Jesus
Love you to the Moon and back
The resurrection - unlikely but true
A husband’s needs in a Godly marriage
Waiting in the wilderness
Go on-line to spread the Word of God
Original Blessing means more than Original Sin
Should we blame Social Media for all the bad stuff?
Demonstration, Action, Revolution for what is right
Amazing love - more than just a Valentine
Taking time to reflect in a non-stop world
Why not a woman bishop for Norwich?
God cares in the silence
The joys of friendship
Winning God’s race
Happy Birthday Gladys – just don’t say her name!
James, free will, and God’s love
A Woman’s Needs in Marriage
Build bridges, not walls
Is Christmas really Good News for the poor?
Bishop’s Christmas message about light and darkness
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The ups and downs of a cathedral Helter Skelter

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