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Discover the real wonder of Christmas
Are you and your church talent spotters?
Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble...
What can our churches learn from Chapelfield?
Reflecting on the wonder of God’s works
One week in the life of a local Norwich church
Victory in the resolve to keep going
Biggest danger to Norfolk church is apathy
Olympic Games have set our hearts on fire
Finding a balance in life with the help of prayer
God's new life means death need not be feared
A call to listen to the inner voice
Finding completeness in God's love
Choice between creative and destructive power
Change is at the heart of our Christian faith
There is power in prayer says Norwich Bishop
Freedom from religion or freedom for religion?
Transformational journey begins for Martin
Mother's Day can be a very difficult time
Where is the one who is wise?
A year in the life of the Norfolk faith community
Norwich vicar says we need good news now
Power is a dirty word
A Biblical way to tackle world's financial crises
Diversity of worship in Norfolk churches
Distractions can divert us from God's work
Love and leadership will solve our problems
Facing up to the things which divide churches
Our giving ensures church survives and thrives
The power of faith in restorative justice
To fully live you have to be prepared to die
Every Sunday in a different Norfolk church
The interaction between science and faith
Recognising the power of Godliness
Love triumphs over hate
Is Easter a holiday or a holy day?
Dozen delights for nomadic Norwich Christian
Unrest in North Africa; a sign of the times?
Good news of the kingdom saves the world
Be yourself and celebrate your gifts
God calls us to be creative
A different look at the feeding of the 5000
Does pacifism work?
Norwich pastor: I wish I could be a pacifist
Street women need love and understanding
Bishop's Christmas message of joy and comfort
A life behind bars shows the power of grace
Finding the love of God in unexpected places
Punishment, treatment and the hope for change
My peace I leave with you - love conquers all
Every person in Norfolk is in world's richest 1%
Thinking that goes outside of the box
Revealing the secrets behind church growth
Bishop of Norwich gives Christmas message
The best and the worst in human nature
The two emotions that motivate our actions
Reflecting on chaos in the world of finance
Putting love to the test in a devilish experiment
View behind the mask of radiotherapy
Debate rages on hot topics of the day
How a blog can help you make a new start
Blogging is a global phenomenon

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