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Norwich Cathedral’s golden weathercock shines brightly once more from on high after being regilded and reinstalled on the top of the spire.
John Wright, a founder member and great father-figure in Norwich FGB, has written a number of inspiring books. Here is an amusing and very inspiring account of an encounter he had in the lane near his home, just outside Norwich.
Angela Rayner, curate at King’s Lynn Minster, cycled to dozens of churches in one day to raise funds for Norfolk Churches Trust and the Minster.
Celebrate Norfolk is co-ordinating a bid to bring well-known professional Christian theatre company Saltmine to perform a Passion Play on the streets of Norwich at Easter 2021.
Exactly 400 years ago, a group of brave pilgrims sailed from England on a hazardous journey to North America on the Mayflower in search of a new life. The group included a dozen with Norfolk roots.
In 1925, an American school teacher was put on trial for teaching evolution. The 'Scopes Monkey Trial' was global news and an important moment in the ever-changing relationship between science and religion. Join an online lecture on September 17.
Andy Bryant believes that, amidst all the advice being given about coping with the current pandemic, there is one element which can easily get forgotten.
Jill Gower and her team at the Call to Prayer ministry, which is based at Fishergate in Norwich, are inviting people to join a new discipleship course entitled ‘Who I am’.
Rev Andrew Bevan and Rev Vivienne Ridpath were ordained as priests in a small service at St Marys in Stalham on August 8.
Waveney Foodbank will be laying out hundreds of kilograms of free food on tables in a Norfolk church for people to take away.
Local author John Wright has published a booklet summarising in 45 pages The Imitation of Christ, the classical work by Thomas à Kempis.
Over sixty people met online to hear how neurology – a scientific study of the brain and its disorders - might shed light on religious faith. The meeting was organised by the discussion group “Science and Faith in Norfolk”.
The sublime sound of choral music is returning to Norwich Cathedral this week after six months of silence due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Jack Mollicone is training to run 83 miles in one day for the Matthew Project, as a way of distancing himself from the life he used to live.
The re-use charity Scrapbox is resuming operations after lockdown, and has appointed the Bishop of Norwich, Rt Rev’d Graham Usher as its new Patron.
The Autumn edition of popular Christian newspaper Good News for Norwich and Norfolk, containing stories from across the local Christian community, has just been published online.
Norwich church and Christian projects leaders are invited to an online Zoom meeting of Transforming Norwich’s Ministers and Leaders Together lunch on Wednesday September 16.
Peter Farley is encouraging us to make best use of the time we have left on this planet.
The Norwich FGB branch has decided to discontinue dinner meetings until the end of the year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however, they are currently putting together next year’s programme and are continuing to meet informally on Zoom.