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Tim Farron
The 'I' factor event with Tim Farron
How important is integrity in our leaders? An interview with former Lib Dem leader Tim Farron speaking from his experiences as a Christian in parliament is being organised by Surrey Chapel. More ...
Way of the Spirit takes a look at Abraham's faith
What better way to start the year than looking at faith! And who better to teach us than Abraham? Richard George offers an invitation. More ...
Eldred Willey
Joe Cain lecture
Norwich lecture uncovers the dark side of Darwinism
Why did so many people hate evolution in 1920’s America? Through an online lecture arranged by the John Innes Centre, Professor Joe Cain from University College London discussed the famous Scopes trial in Dayton, Tennessee More ...
 Latest Culture Articles 
Christian theatre opportunity for Norfolk churches
Saltmine Theatre Company has announced a new creative seasonal missional package for churches this Christmas. More ...
Keith Morris
New book aims to enable and empower personal prayer
A journal to aid, enable and empower personal daily prayer has just been published by former Norwich church leader, and now Celebrate Norfolk project director, John Betts. More ...
Keith Morris
Norfolk house church growing since lockdown
At least one Norfolk church, which meets in people’s homes, has seen its numbers grow since lockdown eased. One of its founders, Barrie Lawrence, explains. More ...

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Due to coronavirus restrictions most events are currently cancelled. We will re-introduce our events listing once lockdown starts to come to an end.


Published: 06/01/2016