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Network Norfolk tightens up on forums posts

BlogScreenChristian website Network Norwich & Norfolk has decided to tighten up on both the content of its popular forum posts facility and who is allowed to post.
In line with major news-based websites such as the BBC and The Guardian, Network Norfolk will in the future require users to register with the website and to sign in before they can post comments in most sections.
The site currently has over 1700 registered users who receive a free weekly e-mail news bulletin with links to all new content on the site. They can still post to forums simply by logging in to the site.
Guest users will still be allowed to post in the Guestbook forums area, as long as they remain within the House Rules.
Website editor, Keith Morris, said: “We have had completely open forums for the last three years but as more and more people use the site we are also getting many more forums posts, a small section of which do not meet the aims of the site nor its House Rules.
“We still want to engage with users who are not yet registered on the site and let them have their say, so we would encourage you to register on the site which is very quick and easy to do. We will also keep the guestbook open for public use, within our site rules.”

You can register and login with the site using the Register button on the right hand side of the homepage or the one below.
For existing users who have forgotten their password, you can ask for a new password by using your login name or e-mail address at the Login section on the home page or below.
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If you are having trouble either registering or resetting your password, please send an e-mail to the webmaster by clicking here.
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