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A different look at the feeding of the 5000

CarrieSant350Norwich street chaplain Carrie Sant believes that the Holy Spirit is awakening us from a deep freeze.

As we head into 2011, I have a sense of quiet excitement in my spirit, I know in my “knower” that Jesus is on the move.

Like C.S. Lewis’ picture of Narnia awakening from deep freeze, so I believe that God’s Holy Spirit is on the move to awaken us from deep freeze. The Great Lion of Judah is drawing close to meet his bride.

What state is she in? Is she even recognisable? His body in action here on earth, serving and loving as He did?
He breathes on us and our hard selfish hearts melt and not just melt but start to gently bubble with excitement as the truth of His call, the realisation of the nature of His longed for kingdom here on earth is revealed to us. His people blessed and blessing. 
The disciples looked at the crowds of people on the hill-side, they were Jews and as such hospitable people with a sense of responsibility to be good and generous hosts to their visitors. Jesus speaks to the disciples about the need for food and His reluctance to send the people away hungry. The disciples look around in despair, so many people, such a big need, overwhelmed by the enormity of the task, They look to Jesus in confusion. What exactly is He asking of them?  
Jesus asks a simple question “How many loaves do you have?”
“Seven loaves and a few small fish”
Narnia freezeJesus tells the multitude to sit down, takes the loaves and fish, breaks them and gives them to the disciples to distribute, people look on in amazement as baskets are passed amongst the crowd. The disciples and Jesus share what they have and others catch on, some have nothing and are fed, others give of their own rations to meet the needs of those with less, strangely released from the torture of self centered thought into a concern for the common good, the welfare of the whole. A wonderful thing is happening, the crowd look on with a sense of deep satisfaction as the disciples return to Jesus with baskets brimming full. The people have heard His words and now, as Jesus smiles and raises His hands to Heaven, they know the deep joy of obedient trust They have put faith into action! They have shown a picture of His Kingdom active and functioning.
People of God! Children of the High King! The Good News of the kingdom is not a heavenly dream but a way of life here on earth. We are forgiven because of God’s great love for us but we are also called to walk in faith and trust being not just hearers of the word but doers, Jesus is our revolutionary leader he will lead us in a revolution of love. He is the Prince of Peace, he will lead us in a peaceful revolution with Him. We will give and not count the cost. We will love those who hate, we will forgive those that offend, we will bless those that curse, we will not pay back evil for evil but will continue our walk of love, loving because He first loved us and gave himself for us.
We will take up our cross and follow Him, salt and light, truly now we will see His Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.   


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