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Norfolk churches partner in revival prayer

Churches and ministries across Norwich and Norfolk joined together on January 24 to pray for Christian revival after an American evangelist prophesied a spiritual awakening in the city. Phil Thorne, minister at City Church, Norwich, reports.

WaterRipplesA prophetic word given at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival in Alabama USA on December 17 spoke of God’s desire to bring to Norwich revival citywide.

Nathan Morris, the UK evangelist at the heart of the revival, spoke prophetically concerning revival, while being aired globally on God TV. Nathan Morris said, "Revival is here, it’s now, get ready. Here’s what the Lord spoke to me. I believe in the next 18 months that city-wide revivals are going to break out. I believe the Lord in this hour, I believe at the end of 2010 and into 2011 we are going to see an outbreak of revival in the nations of the world."

He had brought a message about God raising up Cities of Refuge and that he believed that this word was for Norwich: "I speak to Norwich in the United Kingdom, Norwich be awakened by the fire of the Holy Ghost.”

A few minutes later he called a row forward to be prayed over and one of them, Dave Weeks (site leader of City Church Gt Yarmouth) told Nathan he was part of a church in “Norwich in the United Kingdom.” He called Dave up onto the platform and said, “Evangelist John has been in Norwich. God has begun to do something there, but I’m believing for an outpouring in Norwich UK. I believe this word preached tonight is coming to Norwich UK. Norwich in the UK be awakened right now!” At the end of the meeting John Kilpatrick said, “God is getting churches ready. It’s not going to be a church-wide revival; it’s going to be city-wide revivals. God’s going to shake cities.”

As a result of a growing sense of God beginning to move in the miraculous and restoring fresh love for Jesus, His Word, prayer and service in churches in Norwich, I called for churches to meet together in Prayer for Revival. The first of which was held Monday January 24, at Ramada Hotel in Norwich and simultaneously at Park Baptist Church in Gt Yarmouth.

Norwich Prayer for Revival brought together pastors and churches from across Norwich and the county. There was an awesome sense of the presence of God in both worship and prayer. The atmosphere was faith-filled and electric with many people testifying to how good it was to meet together and pray in unison with Gt Yarmouth. Many were excited about continuing to meet to pray.
Gt Yarmouth Prayer for Revival met at Park Baptist Church simultaneously. Although the decision to have a combined churches prayer meeting in Great Yarmouth was only made four days before, some 60 people and pastors from seven different churches gathered. Dave Weeks, read the account of the last recorded revival in England which just happened to be in Great Yarmouth in 1921! It was a great meeting where the presence of God was very powerful. There was a real hunger in people’s hearts for revival and more of God in their lives and an excitement about what God is going to do in Yarmouth.
I have a vision to see Prayer for Revival meetings connected in purpose and relationship also meeting simultaneously in south, west and north Norfolk. I would be delighted to meet with church leaders south, west and north Norfolk who have a passion for revival and who would like to connect with Norwich and east Norfolk to see the whole county praying in unison simultaneously for our region.
Surely, these are days when we together can push through the invisible ceiling that has over the decades stopped us going to a new level in God across the city and region. A deeper desire is emerging to see God move city and region-wide, reviving the church and causing us to be influential together for the sake of those that don’t yet know Christ.  Our desire is that every church across the city and region would be powerfully touched by God, seeing healings and miracles and daily salvations, growing and maturing in the things of the Kingdom.

Event details

Monday March 7, 7.30pm Ramada Jarvis Hotel, Norwich

Monday March 7, venue to be confirmed

  • Churches and ministries partnering together include: NFLC, Eternity Norwich, Call to Prayer, TLC, City Church, Witard Road Baptist, Wroxham Road Methodist, NYFC, and Transforming Norwich.
  • For more details please contact City Church office (01603) 632904, admin@citychurch.co.uk.

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