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Friends pray after Eddie has stroke on air flight

EddieJeanniePleban400By Keith Morris

Norfolk housing manager Eddie Pleban is critically ill and on a ventilator in a Dubai hospital after suffering a stroke while on a flight back from Australia where he was visiting his daughter.
Family and friends have been rallying round to support and pray for Eddie and wife Jeannie, who is at his bedside in Dubai.
Daughter Louise Hamilton, who lives in Norwich, has launched an “I Love Eddie Pleban” Facebook group where colleagues, friends and family have been expressing their prayers and good wishes for the Christian couple.
Louise said: “On the way back from a holiday visiting his daughter and grandchildren in Australia, Dad had a stroke and is currently in ICU in Dubai. Lila, John and SJ are there with Mum. They're all being well looked after well by our cousin Stephen who lives in Dubai. He is being weaned from the ventilator tomorrow and then we will see what is next.
“The Facebook group seems the natural way to keep those who care for him up to date and be a hub for prayer, support and love for him and Mum. After fielding so many phonecalls and emails today I see how many people really care and are worried and I want to be able to easily pass your messages of love and support to lovely Mum.
“It is good at the very least for Mum to know there are so many people praying for and thinking of them.  Really at this time all we can do is pray that he is peaceful and know their faith with give him and Mum comfort and strength in whatever is to come.” 
EddiePlebanLouiseWebFamily friend, and work colleague of Eddie’s, Helen Rye, wrote: “Doctors have told Jeannie that he needs a miracle. She told them she believes in miracles, so can you please pray for him, he has a massive amount to contribute and is much needed.”
Scores of people have joined the group and been paying tributes to Eddie and expressing their hopes and prayers.
Sarah Latos wrote: “Eddie, the day you accepted me as a volunteer at the YMCA changed my life, and that of my family - we wouldn't have changed it for the world. I loved working with you, a genuine Christian gentleman. Thanks for so many memories and for the opportunity to squeeze myself through impossible caves and have gunge thrown over me at Christmas parties.
Noel Kay wrote: “Eddie was more of an inspiration to me than he will probably realise as a lot of YMCA old boys we all had problems whether it was emotional, mental, financial or any other. His philosophy was always the same and whether we knew it or not it rubbed off on us. When we was in his company he made us feel accepted and worth something.”
Eddie, who was born in Sunderland, had a 17-year career in the Merchant Navy before briefly opening a restaurant in Great Yarmouth and then joining YMCA Norfolk as a catering manager.
Eddie spent 26 years with YMCA Norfolk, finally as head of housing services, until he was made redundant last year. He has since joined Diss-based Solo Housing as head of the homelessness prevention team. He became a Christian at an Eric Delve Down to Earth mission in Norwich in the 1980s, a event which changed his life.

FEB 10 UPDATE: Louise wrote: "Sadly no change to Dad's condition and we have to wait until Sunday or Monday earliest before Medivac will consider flying him home so all we can do now is prepare ready for that.

"The family there really need your prayers as each day is getting harder for them. They're only allowed to visit Dad twice a day for 10 mins... and with being in a strange place there is little to do to keep themselves busy the rest of the time. They have been meeting with Medivac and talking a lot to the insurance & 'N&N' to ensure all is in place for when we're able to bring Dad home but otherwise there's just too much time to think...

"The Norwich Evening News saw the Network Norwich article and the Facebook group and have contacted me today about putting a piece in tomorrow's paper. That is really precious to me as they obviously see from the outside what a well loved and amazing chap my Daddy is."

Louise has also issued a plea for help with family coming to Norwich from Gilbraltar and Australia. She needs winter clothes for children, a chest freezer for food and an electrician to install a socket for the freezer. Conact Louise at louise@hamilton1.eclipse.co.uk
To express your prayers and thoughts for Eddie please leave a message below.

Pictured top is Eddie Pleban with wife Jeannie and, above, with daughter Louise.


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