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Jolly brings joy to Norfolk via Christian circus

Fun day jamie

The Friendship Society Circus is a new community initiative in Norfolk to share God's love with thousands of people. The ministry is headed up by Jamie Jolly who tells the amazing story of how the group became established.

I was at an event at Kings church in Norwich called Mobilize. There were two men there prophesying over the meeting.


I've never had a prophecy spoken over me before and as it always seems to be someone else getting the good stuff I was getting settled down in my chair for an unexpectant session.


After a few minutes one of men stopped and almost hesitantly said, "I've never had a picture like this before, but I feel there is someone here who is involved in circus skills or circus's and that we should pray for them."


Now, at this time I had worked for the YMCA for nearly a year and part of my time had been spent running circus workshops for groups for young people, this however was not enough to get me out of my chair.


I looked around and decided there must have been a professional clown or a record breaking juggler somewhere in the crowd who this was for. At my side was my girlfriend who in that inspiring sometimes painful way that she has was giving me the nod and prod.


So I got up and went to be prayed for. As the two men laid there hands on me and prayed they started to speak about a joy ministry, something that would bring happiness to children especially those who were in great need and that it would be a conduit through which hearts would be healed and connections made.


I was deeply moved by the sentiment of this prayer and with a tear in my eye and slightly less unexpectancy than before went back to my chair. I am a fairly skeptical person in myself and so after this prayer I didn't really pursue it or look out for it but instead said to God, "Lord if this is of you then please make it happen" and left it at that. 

A year later we have £4,000 of funding and an amazing string of opportunities to offer help to groups around the county. God is good! Under the name the Friendship Society Circus a ministry has almost popped into being which hopes to encourage and inspire people to know that God is the one who made happiness and that we are most happy when we are most glorifying God.


It is our hope that the circus can be a sanctuary for people young and old to let go of life's worries and become children again, simply enjoying life in a safe place. I believe that as there is a release of joy and fun in a place drenched in prayer and praise hearts are opened and healing can come. We want to see the kingdom of God here and if you want the same and are prepared to look foolish to get there then you are also a member of the Fun day clownfriendship society and I hope we meet one day.


The way the circus works is that it is not a one man show but an every member ministry made up of like minded hearts from all across the county who are looking for a way to live out there hopes.


The circus equipment can be borrowed for free by any group or charity who can use it in spring board events or outreach ministries to connect with the people around them.


Providing a bridge between the church's and communities, between vision and reality. The Circus is a highly mobile and modular tool that can fit into any space and cater for any need with much more than just juggling balls to enjoy, the circus is rapidly expanding into a whole event resource with sumo suits, bouncy castles, fete games, barriers and sound systems to boot. The only limit on its potential are the amount of people willing to see it happen and bring it to their area.

We have an amazing God who promised us a kingdom and one who loves us enough to place it our hands. God has always worked through the body of Christ and I pray he will through this ministry. Not every member of the body is the same, some are ears, some are armpits, personally I kinda hope this one will be the funny bone.  



If you would like more information, would like the friendship circus to help with your event, or to get involved please contact thecommunitycircusproject@live.co.uk or call 07595 432715


Pictures of the Friendship Circus from the recent Mothers' Union fun day at Norwich Cathedral

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