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Norwich pastor tackles taboo subject of porn

ComputerKeyboardA Norwich church has tackled the taboo subject of pornography head-on in recent sessions for both men and women.
Surrey Chapel pastor, Tom Chapman, said: “Pornography is a massive issue in our society – and Christians are not immune to its dangers.
“Technology brings it right into our homes, it can cause terrible damage and many struggle with the addiction alone because of the sense of shame. So we felt it was time to address it together. We set aside an evening service, in which the main theme was how the grace of God, not condemnation, gives us the power to change and sets us free.”
Separate sessions and discussions were held for men and women, both to help any who were struggling with the problem and to strengthen all to face the temptation. The title and main material were drawn from the excellent resource “Captured by a better vision – living porn free” by Tim Chester.
Pastor Tom highly recommends this book for anyone struggling with the issue themselves, or seeking to support others: “It’s hard hitting and uncompromising yet compassionate and full of grace and practical advice. It’s analysis of pornography as idolatry really gets to the heart of the matter.”
According to author of Captured by a better vision – living porn-free, Tim Chester, porn is a problem for around 50% of Christian men and 20% of Christian women.
He defines ‘Porn’, as anything we use for sexual gratification or escape – whether it was intended for that purpose or not. The use of porn is a sin of idolatry against God, which it is possible to overcome with the help of the support and protection of a loving Christian family.
Suggested strategies include an internet filter and accountability software, keeping computers public, establishing healthy diversions, avoiding dangerous places and times, talking to a pastor, counsellor or mature friend and being part of a godly yet gracious church
A recording of both male and female sessions and relevant notes can be downloaded from the Surrey Chapel website 

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