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Young people put faith into action in Norfolk

NewDayGarden450Over 6,500 young people joined together to meet with God at the annual Newday event at the Norfolk Showground. Aaron Curran, from City Church Norwich, reports on his week at Newday.
Going to Newday for the first time I wasn’t entirely sure of what to expect, however the whole experience was far better than I could ever have imagined it would be.
One of the highlights of the week, for me, was being able to do outreach in Catton. Having lived in Norwich all my life, it was such a good experience to go into a local community and be able to make a difference. A large group of us were involved in helping to clear gardens, trim hedges and also paint fences for the people of Catton who are unable to get out and do it themselves.
NewDayBand540I also had the opportunity to meet and chat to the lady whose garden we were working on and it made it a really personal experience. This was one of many outreach events that were organised by Newday throughout the week.
The other highlight for me was being able to witness 309 people get healed and 365 young people give their lives to God during the Thursday evening meeting whilst Adrian Holloway was preaching. It was a real testament of God’s love and also power to see so many lives impacted on that night.
I thoroughly enjoyed both the morning and evening meetings and I feel they brought me a lot closer to God. I particularly enjoyed the stream on Jesus’ life brought by Steven Chong, who travelled from Australia where he runs a youth movement involving 10,000 young people and cannot wait to be able to download these sermons from the Newday website.
NewDayFence450The seminars provided where also helpful in giving me a fresh perspective of who God is and also supplied me with tips on evangelising.
Churches came from all over the world to be at Newday but it definitely helped to have my mum 10 minutes away to pick up the wet washing!
The most incredible experience for me was standing in a tent with 6,500 other young people knowing that we all had one thing in common - a love for Jesus - was mind blowing and for me sums up what Newday is all about.

It is definitely something I would recommend for any youth group to attend.


Video by Mark Sims


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