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Mental health support plea to Norfolk Christians

JohnMyhillWebA plea to support people with mental health problems coming before the local courts has been issued by Norfolk Christian magistrate, John Myhill.

A Quaker and social psychologist, John (pictured right) has been a magistrate in Norfolk for a number of years and he says that mental health services are under terrible pressure due to government cutbacks.


“I had three people in court today who should have been receiving support for mental distress but were instead remanded to prison being of no fixed abode,” he said. “The bench were in agreement that these individuals were in no fit state to represent themselves, or be represented in court, but the only support available was through the prison.


“One of them was loudly proclaiming that he could only be judged by Jesus, and that the court had no authority over him.


“Such people could do with some support from Christians in the community. They can cope with prison as easily as a small child.  In other words they cannot cope with it at all,” said John.


If anyone would like to help provide such support or is already involved in providing it, John would love to hear from you at John.Myhill@homegroup.org.uk


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