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Recycle plastic for Norfolk Christian charity

JonHammondRemember to recycle this Christmas and bring benefit to both the environment and local addiction charity, The Matthew Project with the Recycle Plastic4Charity scheme.

The Recycle Tops and Plastic4Charity scheme is gaining momentum across the county.  The scheme coordinated by local charity supporter Jon Hammond (pictured right with a Recycle Plastic4Charity Bring-Bank) turns plastic bottle tops, food carton lids and yoghurt pots into funds for The Matthew Project.

The scheme works by collecting sacks of plastic recycling which the recycling company purchases. Norfolk County Council then contributes a further sum for the prevention of landfill. All of the proceeds raised goes to The Matthew Project.  

topsJon Hammond has set up large 'Recycle Plastic4Charity' Bring-Banks in central locations across Norfolk where people can drop off their plastics.  This month the 

Cloverfield Community Church in Thetford became the eighth location across the county to host a 'Recycle Plastic4Charity' Bring-Bank on their car park.  Other towns with Bring-Banks include Watton, Blofield, Taverham, Eaton, Wymondham, Dereham and Swaffham

Rosalie Weetman, Chief Executive of The Matthew Project in Norwich, welcomed the campaign saying: “The Recycling of Bottle Tops Scheme is a very simple way to support us, and to help reduce landfill at the same time, at no cost to our supporters.”

A number of churches, schools, charities and businesses across Norfolk are already involved in the scheme but Jon is keen to mobilise others to join together to collect the plastic recycling.

Jon said: “We need your help!  Are you a Norfolk resident?  If so, please email me where your area is, details of any local supermarket, garden centre, village hall and/or large pub site and let's see if we can get a 'Recycle Plastic4Charity' Bring- Bank on a site near you, your friends, family and work colleagues.  

"And do your kids still go to school?  Please ask them to ask their teachers and/or the Head whether they could get involved in the scheme. And could you please write to the Governors?"

Since January 2012 the scheme has recycled 4,430kg of plastic and 5,730kg of plastic tops, lids and caps.  This represents around 8.5 tonnes of CO2 saved as well as over £300 donated to The Matthew Project. 

The Matthew Project is a Christian based charity working with adults, young people and communities affected by drugs and alcohol. Through The Matthew Project's varied services across Norfolk and Suffolk, young people and adults receive professional advice, information, counselling, support, care and education.

Examples of plastic that qualifies for the scheme includes rinsed plastic tops from milk cartons, drink bottles, ice cream and margarine carton lids, flattened yakult mini bottles, stacked yoghurt pots and cut up plastic tubes. You can download a poster with further information on the website which details all the information including the locations of the Bring-Banks.    

Please email Jon at plastic4charity@yahoo.co.uk if you would like to get involved.


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