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Project to help Norwich churches do youth work

Norwich Youth for Christ (NYFC) is launching an innovative new project that seeks to resource churches with part-time youth workers. 'F2' enables churches which want to engage with young people, but are just starting out or would like some additional guidance, through a partnership arrangement with NYFC.

NYFCF2LogoFor many years NYFC have partnered with churches using full-time workers in their Fusion programme, which mixes city evangelism with placements in local church communities. A growing number of churches have been enquiring about workers and support in this area.
Nick Blanch, director at NYFC, said: “I was having a number of conversations with church leaders who wanted to do some youth work but because it was new territory, weren't sure on going straight in with a full-time worker. They were looking for something in the middle, to get them started on the path. Rather than just offering full-time workers, we had to be able to offer something else.”
F2 projects are funded by the church and NYFC will recruit, train and manage a part-time worker to achieve certain aims.
"Because the projects are small, each one is quite specific and focused, and is based on what the church feels it can deliver and the needs of the local community. It's very much about strong dialogue and relationship between what we can offer and where the church is best placed to deliver.
“Youth work is more than just about an individual. It's about galvanising the whole church to engage in some way. That's why it has to be a partnership," said Nick.
The project is being piloted with Holy Trinity Church in Rackheath and, if successful, NYFC hopes to see more F2 launches in the future.
Rev Lorna Allies said: “Holy Trinity, Rackheath, is a lively and happy church fellowship.  We have people of different ages in our congregation and a monthly family church which is attended by families with younger children.  We hope that our youth worker will bridge the gap and connect with the younger people in our community.  We will encourage and accommodate new ideas and we believe that God is calling us all to open the church community to younger people."

NYFC is currently recruiting for this post. To find out more about this and the work of Norwich Youth for Christ, go to 

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