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Norfolk ex-top cop's sporting crime fight

Former senior Met Policeman Steve Gaskin has strengthened his determination to divert children and young people from a life of crime and prostitution. Peter Barnes reports.

SteveGaskin450Since his retirement from the force, Norfolk-based Steve Gaskin has initiated a number of teaching and training programmes based on his expertise and experience in Forensic Science.
As a Scotland Yard Detective Chief Inspector, Steve was applying his efforts to dealing with serious and often dangerous offenders.
Now, as a man on fire for God, he is channelling his energies in schemes to help prevent youngsters from becoming gangsters not just in the UK but also in Bulgaria.
For the past three years, coupling his attributes as a senior Police Officer, teacher and martial arts coach, Steve has devoted time, energy and other resources into improving the quality of life for scores of young people housed in a children's home in Bulgaria.

As part of a larger team from Norwich and Redhill, the Norwich Central Baptist Church member and youth leader has introduced a completely new dimension to the already active holiday club programme in a remote village called Burzitsa.
Building on existing sporting activities such as football, basketball and rounders, all played on a very dangerous concrete surface, Steve has introduced Taekwondo for the older pupils and specialist forensic crafts for the younger element.
The life-changing experience for the children has become a life-changing crusade for Steve. Living in Taverham, married to a former Metropolitan Police Sergeant and having three adult daughters, he has seen how comparatively small and inexpensive resources can open up a new way of life for the deprived children.
Right Anglia Events, the firm he and his wife head up, has launched a new education pack called 'Toes for Turf' - an exciting teaching resource enabling students to examine the uses of fingerprints and footprints in forensic science in a fun filled way. It is hoped that with the proceeds from this initiative, a completely new multi-activity all weather surface can be constructed at the institution.
"The pitch will make a huge difference to the lives of all the children at Burzitsa," said Steve. "They will be able to play football and other energy-sapping games, free from the physical dangers that the present surface entails."
Eight of the older boys have already been selected to play in a national tournament in Sofia and with a new surface to train on, this number could easily increase.
Pictured above is Steve Gaskin teaching Taekwondo to Bulgarian youngsters at the orphanage.

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