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Norfolk-based charity website suspended

poundcoinsNorfolk-based charity donation website CharityGiving has been suspended after it emerged that more then £250k owed to charities was unaccounted for.

The CharityGiving portal is run by The Dove Trust and is currently under investigation by the Charity Commission. The reason for the suspension, which occurred on July 12, is a shortfall between the funds due to the charities donated through CharityGiving, and the cash held by The Dove Trust.

Several charities and organisations - included many in Norfolk - use the CharityGiving website as a means of raising funds. Those affected should try to set up alternative methods of donating safely online and contact the Interim Manager who is dealing with the investigation on DoveTrustInterimManager@crowecw.co.uk

So far the investigation has found that the income received for a charity was being used to make payments to another charity which had earlier receipts that could not be met from existing funds.

The Interim Manager and his team tried to ascertain the correct financial position of the Dove Trust. This was not helped by the fact that the last accounts filed were for the year ended 5 April 2009. The trustees could not satisfy the Interim Manager or the Commission about the charity's financial position or the extent of the shortfall and the Commission acted to restrict movement on the charity's bank account to prevent payments leaving the accounts without approval from the Commission.

The immediate priority is to ascertain the correct amount owing to the different charities and to consider what assets are available to repay them.

For up-to-date information on the status of this enquiry visit www.charitygiving.co.uk

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