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Network columnist defends free speech on show

JamesKnight300Network Norfolk columnist James Knight appeared on the Radio Norfolk Sunday Breakfast Show yesterday (September 8) following his passionate defence of free speech on the Christian news website.

James was interviewed for a debate about freedom of speech and the right to express religious opinions however unpopular they may be to some.
"I was pleased to be asked to appear on the Sunday Breakfast Show because I think free speech is important, and I defend anyone's right to express an opinion,” said James. “Just as I defend anyone else's right to challenge that opinion with counter-opinions.
“The importance of free speech is not just to do with your right to give an opinion, it's also to do with your ability to be able to freely hear others' opinions, which is ultimately beneficial too."
Click here and go to 1.14 mins to hear James speak
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James' views are his own and not necessarily those of Network Norfolk

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