Tributes paid to Norfolk Christian Matt Cook 

MattCook367A memorial service was due to be held on Saturday (July 12) for well-known Norfolk Christian Matt Cook, who was a member of Radical Church, The Burn and Liberty Church Bungay. Close friend Jim Langley pays tribute.

Matt Cook was my best friend for 20 years. We first met at Proclaimers in Norwich when Dr Bob Gordon was leading and Matt was baptized there.
For the last few years Matt was in touch with Matt Richards and soon joined his Radical Church where he was a regular. He was known for his big hugs and gentle giant approach to all. 
After the death of his first wife, three years ago, Matt married Bex Cook last August 16. Matt was a regular visitor at Liberty Church Bungay every month and was good friends with Alan Goldstone and his family.
Also a regular at The Burn, Matt greatly enjoyed free worship and the moving of the Spirit. His friendships also saw him a regular at Heartbeat Norwich.
Matt had a wide variety of friendships with many across the region and was well loved by all that knew him.
He went into hospital initially with a bruised toe, this unearthed other problems of a serious nature and complications set in. Sadly Matt did not recover in the way in which we all had hoped.
Matt had the prayer support of Radical Church and all that knew him.
As his best friend, I stayed with Matt every day for the three weeks he was in the N&N Hospital and I was by his side 24 hours a day for the last week.
Matt died in my arms at 2.20am on Sunday June 8. He was not alone, he knew he was loved, he knew God had a special place for him and Matt was not afraid, he had no fear at all.
Matt continued to love God, sing His praises and declare the goodness of God all the time while in hospital, sickness and worse did not affect who he was or whom he believed - he was unmoved in the love of God.
A memorial service for Matt Cook was held at St Stephen’s Church in Norwich on Saturday July 12 from 7-9pm.

Pictured above is Matt Cook.


Published: 10/07/2014