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Appeal to join 24-hour Norwich Bible reading 

PemaClarkeCF450An appeal has been issued for readers from all sections of the community to join a 24-hour performance art reading of the New Testament in a Norwich church at the start of November.

Actor and student Pema Clark will be directing the unique piece of performance art - the reading of the New Testament of the Bible, non-stop, in 24 hours - at St Luke’s Church on Aylsham Road in Norwich from 7pm on Saturday November 1 to 7pm on Sunday November 2.
Both act of worship and sacred art, this durational performative action will take place in an environment of silence throughout the building, the only sound heard spoken being the words of the New Testament.
Pema is now appealing for readers from every section of the community to come and be a part of this project. She said: “The act of time in live art works on sensitizing our everyday senses, turning sight, sound, taste, touch and smell into instruments of sacred perception.
“If art is the expression of the deepest part of our nature, then sacred art is the expression of the divine within that nature, and as such it crosses all boundaries, all faiths and non.
“Through communal hearing of the words of the New Testament, and a resting in the expression of the divine within us all we aim to come together as a community coming  together to listen to itself.”
Pema trained in drama at Guildford School of Acting and worked in theatre as an actor, director and stage manager before settling down to have a family.
After many years she returned to her dual passions of religious studies and drama by taking up academic study and is currently a PhD candidate in the drama department of the University of East Anglia where she is developing a project combining religious practice with performance in order to discover the sacred dimension of culture.
All those who are interested in taking part in this project by reading are invited to contact Pema by email to: or by phone on 07792 613783.

Pictured above is Norwich actor and student Pema Clark.

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