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Norwich solidarity for those suffering injustice 

Around 50 people gathered in Norwich at the Hunger for Justice event to hear about climate change from a Christian perspective and emphasise that this planet is a gift to be stewarded not squandered.

At the Caring for Creation event held on Saturday October 18, author and well-known Christian environmentalist and Spring Harvest speaker Ruth Valerio explained about what is happening to our planet, the theology of creation and what we can do to make a difference. She also challenged people to enjoy the beautiful planet we have.

Elizabeth Peredo passionately spoke about the situation of climate change in Bolivia and elsewhere in the world. There was a deep sense of concern but Elizabeth explained ways that we can make a difference. Lucy Riseborough then spoke powerfully about her views as a young person. Chloe Smith MP, Lizzie Baker from Speak and the above formed a panel to answer questions chaired by Julian Bryant from Christian Aid.

Elizabeth PeredoCFThere were helpful answers to a series of challenging questions including how we can make a difference on a smaller individual scale and also on a large scale. Chloe Smith MP answered various questions and was asked to exprress the views and concerns raised to the government.

Social media interest was significant as key quotes were retweeted to over 60,000 people across the country. Quotes from many Norfolk church leaders were also tweeted and used on social media those from the Bishop of Norwich, Toby Skipper of King's Norwich, the Bishop of Theford, Darren Woodward of Oak Grove Community Church, Ian Dyble from St Thomas’, Ian Savory from Kingsgate Great Yarmouth, Hannah Deal of Gateway Vineyard, Pete Skivington of Lighthouse Baptist Church and Andrew Southgate of Meadow Way Chapel amongst many others.

This will be the first of a regular series of workshops in relation to justice.

Christian Aid's Julian Bryant said: "Jesus often went not to the powerful in the world or the celebrity but to people who were affected by poverty and injustice. He went to the person on the side of the road who was being silenced, or the person without popularity or resources and changed their situation profoundly. He listened to them.

"I was so pleased Christians in Norwich came to listen to Elizabeth whom they probably had not heard of, but they were concerned about the world she shares with us. Elizabeth was deeply moved that people came meet her and show solidarity with those who are being impacted often by the way we live. Ruth then showed us how we can make a difference as Jesus challenges us to do."

Click here if you would like to know more about the Hunger for Justice Climate Change Campaign 

If you would like to hear more about justice workshops contact Julian Bryant

Pictured above: around 50 people attended the event at Norwich Central Baptist Church and Elizabeth Peredo speaking.

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