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Norwich Catholics hear about trip to Lourdes

The recent meeting of the Norwich Circle of the Catenian Association was an after dinner talk by two Notre Dame sixth formers about their recent trip to Lourdes that had been subsidised by grants from the Catenian Bursary Fund.

catenianassnotredameAlexandra Bannon and Pippa Beard spoke about their trip where they had provided valuable assistance to some of the younger pilgrims who had made the journey, they were supported by teacher Alex Savage who had accompanied the two students on the  pilgrimage.
The trip had been subsidised by grants from the Catenian Bursary Fund which is designed precisely to encourage such endeavours by Catholic youth.

After leaving school one of the students Pippa Beard is planning a career in nursing whilst the other, Alexandra Bannon hopes to attend Drama School in London and then embark on an acting career in which she aspires to emulate her brother Jack Bannon who has recently appeared in the blockbuster film,'The Imitation Game' in which he played the part of the school friend of the young Alan Turing.

Circle president Philip Hoy warmly thanked Alexandra, Pippa and Alex for their excellent presentation and expressed hope that the Circle's productive liaison with Notre Dame would continue to flourish.

Pictured are from left to right, Alexandra Bannon, Philip Hoy and Pippa Beard.

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