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Joining the dots for Norfolk Healing Rooms 

RayRuthScoreyCFRay and Ruth Scorey from Norfolk Healing Rooms completed a road trip on the East Coast last summer. Here they tell about their trip of prayer and discovery and a divine appointment.

While Healing Rooms is spreading quickly throughout the world (over 3000 Healing Rooms in over 80 countries in only 15 years), we wondered why there were almost no Healing Rooms along the East Coast of England. The more we wondered, the more stories we heard about Knights' Templar, Pirates and Saxon Kings; unforgiving principalities whose influences seem to remain over the land. For years Lydia Fellowship International has raised up battle prayer for our east coast; we know this because our Healing Rooms intercessors are linked through leadership to Lydia Fellowship Norfolk, praying for release of the land for God. And we're sure that many others have been led similarly.
Last summer Healing Rooms Norfolk felt very strongly called to travel and pray for the East Coast from Holy Island to Lowestoft and were commissioned to set out on the Joining-the-Dots Road Trip in their motorhome (unofficially named Dounamis). We went with open hearts and minds and didn't really know what to expect, but we have frequently prayed for the land in our home county of Norfolk to break strongholds and make way for Heaven, growing confidence from seeing results. We take 2 Chronicles 7:14 very seriously: "if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."
ScoreyrouteCFAnd so we set off from our home village of Catfield in late July, strengthening ourselves in the Lord by first attending the European Leaders' Conference in Harrogate and receiving prophetic anointing at Sunderland's House of Prayer, where a Healing Rooms has been recently set up. From beginning to end, the journey took five weeks and was full of adventure. We took our lead from the Lord, asking Him each morning where He wanted us to go. We learnt to triangulate our path, travelling to the coast, down and back inland. We had no idea where we would spend each night, feeling averse to stay in campsites; after all this was not totally vacation, but mainly work in the field and we wanted to be amongst the locals.
So what did we find? Yes, Holy Island is the site of past Viking invasion, but happily modern-day Norwegians have felt called to write an apology for the atrocities of their ancestors and a written statement of remorse is posted up on the church wall there. And yes, Lincolnshire has many Knight's Templar buildings and they certainly have an unpleasant feeling of spiritual unhealthiness about them - even dogs fear to tread there. But, there were some surprises. It was tear-jerkingly heart rending to see the social degradation of the Durham coast, still reeling from the Category D measures to change social infrastructure and from the loss of coal mining. Families are stuck in a vicious cycle of unemployment. A local Health Visitor said to us "there is a spirit of poverty here". East Riding was similar but subtlely different; a local resident told us "nobody cares about Yorkshire". Resources from the area are sent to other parts of the country without first supplying the locals, leaving them out on a limb; Spurn Point was like a physical demonstration of this isolation. We discovered signs of unnerving practices (possibly new age) at the base of a prehistoric standing stones in Rudston's church graveyard. Then, when we arrived at the site of Cromwell's Battle of Winceby, we were acutely aware that the blood of a thousand Royalists, routed in what came to be known as Slash Hollow, was still crying out from the land, just as Abel's blood cried out to God in Genesis. There were rumours of witches dancing on Oliver's Mount, near Scarborough, and of a secretive covern in Spalding, not to mention Whitby's witchcraft store situated next to a shop selling wooden buddhas.     

ScoreyCFWhat did we do? If blood cries out from the land, then the blood of the lamb cleanses and heals. At each spot we would ask for revelation, words and prayers of healing. Then we would take communion to the land, sprinkling bread and wine as a powerful symbol of forgivenesss and new beginnings. We also prayed for a number of people to be healed and met with a number of groups who were interested in setting up Healing Rooms in their areas. Our Satnav was a very helpful guide and seemingly had the mind of God, leading us to Stockton's Baptist Church and a divine appointment with the leaders there. The Satnav also took us rather unexpectedly to Sadberge, Teeside, where we prayed that the town be renamed Gladberge; a sentiment heartily confirmed by the town minister.
And so, we are very aware that this is a start. We are sure that others are praying similarly and that our prayers will break the strongholds and that the Sovereign Lord's righteousness and praise will spring up along the East Coast. Grief will be turned to beauty and gladness, that displays the Lord's splendour and faithfulness. Already, a new Healing Room has been set up in Sleaford, since our trip and other Healing Rooms look likely in Hull and Louth. Meanwhile, our motorhome ministry is a first for Healing Rooms and we believe, from prophetic words given to us, that God plans for the increase of motorhome ministry. Come Lord Jesus, Come.
Pictured above:  Ruth and Rev Ray Scorey, a route of their journey and Rudston's standing stone and Temple Bruer

A more detailed write up is available on www.norfolkhealingrooms.co.uk

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