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Bishop gives backing to Norwich church cafe 

The Bishop of Norwich gave his blessing to a new community café at St Elizabeth’s Church, Cadge Road, Norwich over a cup of tea and a bacon butty on Monday March 16.

The Beacon community café is a new initiative by St Elizabeth’s Church and in the first few weeks since its opening in early February, it has frequently been packed with customers as it serves simple, good-value, café favourites.
The visit by the Rt Rev Graham James was to bless the newly refurbished kitchen which received almost £10,000 in grants and donations. 
The aim for the café is to continue to flourish as a community hub providing a much needed central space for the community to meet and build relationships.  A number of individuals who attend the church are involved in running the café having received training.
Bishop Graham said: “We share things over a dinner table. We become greater friends by eating together. This is a great cafe because it turns people we may not know into friends because we talk to people while we are eating.
St Elizabeth’s has experienced much growth over the last 12 months under the guidance of the pioneer minister Danny Doran-Smith and his team.
Danny said: “In the last year we’ve been able to develop a number of children and youth activities alongside fresh expressions of church now reaching out to over 250 individuals on a weekly basis.  It is a real privilege to connect with the local community and we look forward to seeing how things develop further in the next few years.
The café is located within St Elizabeth’s Church, Cadge Road, NR5 8DG and is currently open Monday-Wednesday from 0930-1230.

Pictured above is the Bishop of Norwich during his visit to the Beacon Café.

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