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Funding for Matthew Project from British Legion

The Matthew Project’s ‘Outside the Wire’ service has received £70,000 in funding from the Royal British Legion that will support the continuation of the project in Norfolk and expansion into Suffolk.

MatthewprojandywicksOutside the Wire provides a bespoke alcohol and drug service offering confidential support and advice to serving and ex HM Forces personnel, reservists and their families across Norfolk and now Suffolk.

Andy Wicks, manager of Outside the Wire, said, "I would like to thank The Royal British Legion for their funding over the last 12 months as l am aware of how positively they acknowledge the work that has already been achieved in Norfolk. With this further funding we can continue and expand into Suffolk, this shows me how credible they see our service and how importantly it helps to serve our HM Forces community. We have managed to partner with other charities and strategic organisations mainly due to the fact we have a reliable trusted service and way of working which in turn allows us to give the best possible treatment pathways to those who need it.”

One client who is benefitting from the service, which was launched in Norfolk in 2013 and has been funded by The Royal British Legion, is 26 year old ‘Amy’. She joined the Army at the age of 16 and was sent to a male dominated squadron where she was the only female. ‘Amy’ completed various tours in Afghan and was involved in two separate incidents whilst in theatre.  She then left the Army, got a job and settled down but due to isolation and coping with possible PTSD, she started drinking. Drinking became a problem; she would consume numerous bottles of wine and beer. Her behaviour attracted the attention of the police, which eventually led to her being arrested for aggravated racial assault ‘Amy’ is now being supported by an Outside The Wire worker with a great deal of time dedicated to helping her on her recovery, but she still has a way to go due to her mental health issues.

To find out more information on services provided by Outside the Wire, please visit www.matthewproject.org/outside-the-wire Donations can be made by going to http://www.totalgiving.co.uk/appeal/outside-the-wire

Andy Wicks is pictured

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