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Find hidden Easter eggs at Norfolk churches 

Easter egg hunt 380CFNearly 130 churches in the Diocese of Norwich have hidden an Easter egg somewhere in their building – and anyone is invited to try and find them during the Easter holidays.

The annual Easter Egg Hunt returns for its third year, with churches from King’s Lynn to Caister, Sheringham to Scole taking part. In each of those churches there will be an egg with little treats. The challenge is to see how many churches people can visit, collect the treat and perhaps find out more about those churches.
The hunt will take place during the school holidays, beginning on Saturday March 28, and hunters will have until Sunday April 12 to complete their search. People are invited to take a photo of their finds and tweet them to @DioceseNorwich, or email to news@dioceseofnorwich.org
Easter egg hunt Happisburgh 30The hunt is a great way to keep your young ones occupied – it could form the basis of a day trip as a family searches for eggs. A bicycle ride could include a visit to some nearby churches, or someone could even take a short walk to their local parish church. It’s an ideal way to see some of Norfolk’s beautiful churches.
The eggs hidden around the Diocese are from the 'Real Easter Egg' company - Fairtrade eggs which also tell the story of Easter.
The Bishop of Norwich, The Right Revd Graham James said: “Easter and eggs go together because an egg contains new life breaking out and leaving the shell behind. The shell represents Christ’s tomb. His new life is one for us all to share. That’s why it is so appropriate to have an Easter Egg hunt across the Diocese. I am delighted that so many churches are participating once again this year.  It gives everyone, including families, the chance to visit many churches, find the eggs and take delight in the Easter season.”
There are nearly 650 churches in the Diocese, so to make the task a little easier, a special online map will show which churches are involved in the hunt: www.dioceseofnorwich.org/easteregg

The picture above shows some successful hunters last year at Happisburgh church.

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