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School saints display in Norwich cathedral

Over 20 schools across the Diocese of Norwich and beyond are taking part in the ‘Saints in the Making’ competition and their models will be displayed in Norwich Cathedral in July.

HorsteadThe competition is in partnership with the Diocese of Norwich, Norwich Cathedral and Pop Corn and Grace FM. It’s part of a bigger project also called ‘Saints in the Making’ which will take place in August. 

The competition encourages schools pupils to use their artistic skills to make a life-size free-standing model of a ‘saint’.  This could be a saint from biblical texts such as St Peter, historical or legendary saints such as St George, or modern day inspirational people such as Nelson Mandela or Mother Theresa. 

Pupils are being encouraged to think about what makes a saint, how their values are important to schools, and how they may construct the model. 

All the saints will be displayed at Norwich Cathedral from Wednesday July 1, 2015 to Tuesday July 7, 2015 for the public to see. On Thursday July 8, 2015, judges - The Rt Revd Graham James, bishop of Norwich, Timothy Benoy, art consultant and trustee of the De Brecy Trust and Isabel Vasseur - will make their selection and the winning school will receive a free activity day at the Horstead Centre (pictured) for up to 30 pupils. 

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