Norwich Christian project remembers Bosnia 

A Norwich Christian dance project was the first in the UK to support Kurema week – a week where dancers all over the world remember the 20th anniversary of the end of the Bosnian War. 

Kurema week is a week where dancers all over the world use their time, energy and hearts to remember the 20th anniversary of the end of the Bosnian War (1992-95). Gabrielle Vella, Youth Arts Worker for ENYP, got to know all about the Kurema week, after her first visit to Rwanda, and whilst planning her second visit, she was looking into teaching dance classes in Rwanda and came across the MindLeaps non-profit organisation.  
Kurema2CFOver 60 classes in 12 countries were involved in this project, in which Dance Off! from ENYP, were the first UK dancers to be involved in this amazing opportunity.  In each dance class taking part all over the world, a minute silence was held for the 100,000-200,000 victims of the war.  Within the Dance Off classes in Norwich the Rwanda genocide was also remembered, where just under a million people were killed in 100 days.
Below is the link to the video made of all the people involved and the information to all the dance classes that have taken their time to dedicate their classes to bring awareness about this subject.

For more information about Dance Off please email Gabrielle Vella on

Pictured above: The dance group from Rwanda and below; Dance Off! based in Norwich

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