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Norwich Faith in Pride issues invite to join them 

FaithInPrideLogo300The Norwich Faith in Pride group is set to take part in the Norwich Pride event on July 25 and is inviting people to join them.

Jo Smith, a Quaker who represents faith groups at Norwich Pride, said: “Norwich Faith in Pride has gone from strength to strength.  The group, which started with Quakers and Unitarians banding together for the march, has expanded to include members of the Cof E, Catholics, Buddhists and members of other faiths.  
“Everyone is welcome to join us including those with faith or none, gay, straight or other sexualities, families and friends.  The presence of the anti-gay protesters has galvanised us to show that more people of faith support us than condemn us, and we want to destroy the misconception that people of religion are anti-gay.”

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