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Phils heads off to Hillsong church

PhilTemple2006: Phil Temple, associate at Proclaimers Church in Norwich, has spent three months at Australia’s Hillsong Church.
Phil Temple, now well recognised in the Norwich church scene left in June 2006.
Phil finished his fourth year as a UEA medical student by spending time at one of the Hillsong Medical Clinics. Also while in Australia, Phil will be spending time at the Hillsong church learning as much as possible.
Proclaimers pastor, Tom Rawls, said: “Phil’s powerful preaching style and great sense of humour has had tremendous impact on the Proclaimers Church. He is articulate, funny, and has a quick Northern wit.”
Originally from Sheffield, Phil is a student at UEA in the middle of a medical degree. Phil has had quite a lot to do with the UEA Christian Union, has spoken at Friday and is a member of the board of reference with Youth For Christ.
Phil along with Pastor Tom Rawls has been responsible for Awesome, which is Proclaimers evening service. They say it’s a new way of doing church.
When asked how Phil’s time in Australia will affect the church, Tom said: “We’ll obviously miss him a lot but Phil has been incredibly faithful in training others to do what he does. So we’ll see a generation rising to the occasion.”
The Awesome service starts at 7pm every Sunday night at the City Suite of the Ramada Jarvis Hotel opposite Asda off Boundary Road. For more information call 07787148906 or visit
 Pictured above is Phil Temple.


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