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Norfolk partnership launches new online church

A new venture from Norfolk-based Life Church, means that people can worship together and celebrate Easter from their own homes as part of an online community.

A new mission initiative which brings together three churches to spread the good news of Jesus Christ will be launched on Easter Sunday - March 27.

This is not a conventional partnership - because two of the churches exist online -  Life.Church is a worldwide digital mission offering resources and ideas to people free of charge to help them to talk about and consider Christianity. OurCall.Church is an online place where people can connect, chat and pray and Kessingland Benefice will be involved in hosting the Easter service, which people can 'join' online.

Norfolk-based Christian Darren Lake, who is heading up the project said, "This exciting new venture means that this year you don't have to go to a church to celebrate Easter. You can instead worship with others in the comfort of your own home and be a part of the worldwide church without stepping outside your own front door."

"In quiet solitude or joining with family and friends, this is an amazing way to express and explore your faith."

On Easter Day OurCall.Church will be hosting online worship with Libby Redman and Hillsong. There will be the opportunity for shared prayer and personal testimony. The Easter message from the Rector of Kessingland Benefice Revd Janet Wyer, produced by the Christian filmmaker and producer Tracy Williams, will be premiered. 

The idea behind the Ourcall.Church is that anybody can access church - with the click of a mouse. An online Lent series is currently underway, which has proved to be popular, with an average weekly attendance of 230 people - and so far a total of 90 people have clicked to share the good news that they have found Christ. 

The vision of OurCall.church started small and the project is now growing. Darren said, "We are also proud to be building a relationship with the Kessingland Benefice to bring people closer to Christ. Add in our collaboration with Life.church and there are the three churches that will be working with each other and with you to bring about God's kingdom here on earth!"

"Throughout this Eastertide, right through to the day of Pentecost we will be joining with the Kessingland Benefice to promote #JustPray and gathering people together to explore how we can make a difference in our communities and in the world."



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