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Police Day of Prayer
Take time to pray for Norfolk Police on May 5 

The Norfolk branch of the Christian Police Association is encouraging Christians across the county to take part in the National Day of Prayer for Police on Thursday May 5.

Thursday May 5 is the National Day of Prayer for Police and Sgt Marie Reavey, the Norfolk Christian Police Association (CPA) Branch Leader is encouraging Christians and churches to get involved and support the national and local police force and the Christian police officers within it.

Marie said: “If you or your church would like to support us, some prayer points have been provided to guide you.”

The Christian Police Association have also produced a helpful One-hour Guide to Praying for the Police Service to help groups or individuals pray in a directed way for local and national policing issues.   

The resource breaks the hour into five minute slots and gives detailed suggestions of what to pray for on topics such as ‘Reduction in Crime’, ‘Victims of Crime’, ‘Marriage, Family, Work/Life Balance’ and the ‘Christian Police Association’.  You can download the guide here

You are welcome to join Poringland and Framingham Earl Churches Together (P&FECT), who are hosting a prayer event at The Way of the Spirit Bible College, Framingham Earl Hall, NR14 7SB this year for the National Day of Prayer for the Police, meeting at 7pm on Thursday May 5.  There will be one hour of prayer, broken into 5 minute sections as set out by the Christian Police Association suggested prayer points.

Part of the mission of the CPA is to communicate in words and action, the truth, message and hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ to colleagues.  This year in order to help officers recognise the power of prayer, Marie said: “We are planning on running an initiative called “Text a Chaplain” to encourage staff to seek prayer and make contact with the chaplains.”

Marie said: “You can follow the Norfolk Christian Police Association on Twitter at ‘@Norfolk_CPA’ and the National CPA on Facebook. Please do follow us and retweet / share our posts.”

General Police related Prayer points to consider

  • Wisdom for Senior Leaders in addressing current challenging funding situations.
  • Increased capacity for Staff to deal with increased work load.
  • Officer welfare including praying in support of:-
    • Reduced stress levels
    • Work/home life balance
    • Protection from sickness
  • Favour with the media and public.
  • Staff would be able to embrace and adapt to change well.
  • Prayer for the morale of officers and staff in these challenging times.
  • Pray for officers to remain safe at a time when staffing levels remain stretched.
  • Honesty and Integrity remain central core values.
  • For strong inspirational managers and leaders.
  • Innovate & inspire to do things more effectively and efficiently.
  • Peace & new jobs for staff who are facing redundancy.
  • Wisdom to balance and resource the management of serious crimes, terrorism and the wide range of important local community issues that the police strive to deal with every day.

For the Christian Police Association (Nationally and Locally)

  • Our new CPA Executive Director Lee Russell and Assistant Director Allan Spencer would be filled with wisdom and Gods vision to lead us forward for the future.
  • Unity within National CPA. That every force would want to be part of CPA and see Jesus glorified together across policing.
  • Christians within the police would feel called to stand up and be counted for Jesus in the work place.
  • Protection of faith for officers. It is hard to get to church and small groups with shifts.
  • God would raise people up to be inspirational leaders of CPA branches across the country.
  • Every region in the UK to have a CPA regional co-ordinator.
  • That Christian officers would see their work place as a mission field and not just a place of work, but that they would know God has called them to shine for him in the police.
  • The CPA would make wise Godly decisions to continue to move CPA forward for the future.
  • The church and police continue to work together to tackle problems.
  • Officers would recognise the power of prayer and would request prayer. 

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