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Minister marking one year at Norwich church 

South African minister, and former dentist, Cedric Poole is marking one year in Norwich leading Meadow Way Chapel. Les Champion reports.

Cedric, his wife Chris and youngest daughter Abigail, arrived in the UK from South Africa early in November 2015, in order for Cedric to take up an invitation from Meadow Way Chapel (MWC) in Hellesdon, to become their Lead Elder.
Cedric and Chris are no strangers to the UK, having visited extended family here many times over the years. The difference now is the conviction that God intends them to settle and serve Him here long term.
Cedric, aged 56, has lived through the worst years of apartheid in South Africa, an experience few of us would relish.  He likes to meet people at Costa Coffee shops, and was glad to find one opening in Hellesdon just as he arrived. Chris is British, but born in Rhodesia.  The couple like walking, cycling, reading, and Cedric particularly, a former dentist with his own practice, enjoys the world of medical ethics.  Chris has a nursing background and works at a local care home.
Cedric and Chris feel their calling is to work and minister into a smaller community-based church and the area it serves. MWC was born in 1971 with that servant ethos and has been doing it consistently and outstandingly over the 45 years of its existence.  However, MWC elders felt it was time to bring some fresh vision and direction into the church, and last year set about praying and looking for someone to bring that. 
In order to best get to know the people he is serving since he has arrived, Cedric has visited most of the church family in their own homes.  He has found an appetite to explore in teaching and practice, all that God has been saying to His Church in the latter part of the 20th and early 21st century.
As a gifted Bible teacher, and with the support of his fellow elders, he plans to develop that with good sound teaching from the Word of God. 
Since February 2008, the Sunday morning All Age Worship service has been held in Hellesdon Community Centre due to the increase in the number attending the church.
The church intends to keep its focus on outward mission (an Alpha course is planned later this year) but not at the expense of ongoing growth in personal discipleship. In so doing, the church also feels the need to develop its service and facilities for the community, and for some time, they have been exploring other possibilities in the area. 
Cedric regularly prays for Hellesdon and Norwich with a large map on his wall to focus his attention: “As I’ve studied that map, Reepham Road and Middleton Lane stand out very clearly as a cross over the city and Meadow Way Chapel is at the heart of that cross, proclaiming Christ to Hellesdon and the city,” he said.
Pictured above are Cedric and Chris Poole in Norwich.

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