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Crusader leader David Kingsley Lloyd dies


Tributes have been paid to David Kingsley Lloyd, a popular religious education and games teacher at the former Technical High School Gorleston who has died at the age of 82.

An informal memorial evening will take place on Wednesday October 19 at Gorleston Baptist Church for the man who founded a highly influential Crusader Bible group, and who is widely remembered for the surfing holidays he ran in Cornwall and winter skiing trips to Austria, as well as actively encouraging both rugby and cricket.
Mr Lloyd, always affectionately known as Beaky because of his profile, was born in Gloucestershire,  the son of a Baptist minister. His family moved to Northamptonshire when he was 12, where as a young Christian he joined the local branch of Crusaders, a national Bible Class based youth organization. He also began a lifelong passion for rugby, playing for a Boys Brigade team. After three years of national service he trained as a secondary school teacher, and started at Lakenham Boys School in Norwich in 1957, and became a leader of the Norwich Crusader group.
In 1960 he was appointed head of Religious Education at the Technical High School, now Ormiston Victory Academy in Gorleston, where he was to remain until his retirement in the 1980s. Additionally he taught games mainly rugby and cricket, encouraging many to take up the sports
In 1963 Mr Lloyd teamed up with another teacher, Harold King from Cliff Park Secondary Modern, to start the Sunday afternoon Gorleston Crusader Bible Class at Mr King’s home on Marine Parade. This soon attracted large numbers and moved to Lowestoft Road Methodist Church with a midweek games and gym night at the Technical High School. Later a second midweek group was created to cope with the demand. He also established a Sunday evening Bible class which at times attracted as many as 80 older teenagers from churches all over the borough and met at a variety of locations.
In 1980 Mr Lloyd moved to Ormesby to help revive the village Baptist Church (now the Light of Life) which he continued to do for a number of years. In 1982 he met his wife, Sue, and the couple went on to have three children, Hugh, Jacob and Bethan as well as step children Jonathan and Daniel. He eventually retired to Pembrokeshire to fulfil an ambition of taking up farming by running a small- holding. He continued preaching and helping with his local church and was still coaching young cricketers until ill health forced him to stand down.
The memorial evening for Mr Lloyd is being arranged at Gorleston Baptist Church by Pastor Paul Smith on Wednesday October 19th at 7.30pm and is open to anyone to attend.
This report is a shortened version. For the full obituary, written by Tony Mallion, please visit Network Yarmouth
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Published: 06/10/2016