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Norwich youth conference increases God's kingdom 

This month, ENYP, Norwich Youth for Christ and Transforming Norwich hosted a youth conference called Increase, designed for youth leaders and volunteers to be equipped and explore evangelism in order to ‘increase’ God’s Kingdom.

Over 120 delegates during the two days heard from key note and seminar speakers, both national and local, including: Sam Ward (Message Trust), Matt Summerfield (Urban Saints), Dr Kate Middleton (Mind and Soul), Phil Timson (Hope Revolution), and Bethany MacDonald (The Naked Truth Project).  The conference explored key topics including emotional health and wellbeing, pornography, the changing nature of schools work, discipleship, the challenge of youth ministry, calling and purpose, and evangelism.
Danny Doran-Smith, ENYP Director and Chair of Transforming Norwich said, “Increase was our first youth conference in the City, and one which will we will build on next year.  The opportunity to unite together to deliver this with Norwich Youth for Christ was a privilege, and we know that in unity God commands a blessing.  We’ve received some great feedback about the conference and look forward to planning next year’s conference.  May the next season be a great season of multiplication in God’s Kingdom”.
Nick Blanch, Director of Norwich Youth for Christ said, "What a powerful couple of days! We had some incredible talks and seminars that were challenging, filled with inspiration and gave practical wisdom in the ministry of young people.  I believe it was also highly significant that we came together as a united group of people in prayer and worship to cheer each other on and pray for the young people of Norfolk - I look forward to what comes next!"
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